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Yep. That’s right. There is another new variant. Nope night Delta. That’s pretty much old news now. There’s a new coronavirus variant Alpha B.1.1.7 that has it’s own properties and much like its predecessor is up to no good. It wants to hunt you down and get you.

And I know anti-vaxxers have this thing about no-one controlling their body, but their bodies are vulnerable to a deadly new strain that will unleash fury if it catches you and you are not vaccinated.

Not opinions and baseless claims, but Science and data from the medical professionals on the front lines is showing that more than 90% of new cases now are people who are unvaccinated. Hmmmm……. I think this is relevant data.

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What do you think? Do you think the doctors are lying? Do you think the patients, one after the next who are now bed bound and potentially at risk of something very serious, i.e. Death are lying?

Nope. They are sharing their stories and on many occasions the last story they will ever share. The sick and dying are doing that in hopes that their own ignorance and resistance to safety and well being during a public health crisis will shed light on the darkness in which more than half the nation insists on festering in.


Here’s what we know about Alpha –

There has been a significant discovery in the Alpha Variant of Covid 19. The new variant called covid 19 alpha was discovered in the United Kingdom in August. The newly discovered variant shares 99% similarity with Covid 19 and its various strains and has been found to be lethal for humans as well as other mammals.

But there’s more bad news. Alpha is deadlier, spreads more expeditiously.

Yes we believe in science. Yes. Science has proven the vaccine protects against this new variant. This is not up for debate. It’s FACT!

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If you’re vaccinated the odds are slim. Sure there have been some breakout cases however they are so rare and that number is so minute it’s nearly irrelevant. Let’s however talk about what is relevant in this case and that my friends would be the evidence based in science. We’re talking evidence and numbers not just hyperbole or conspiracy theories, from frontline workers is proving every single day without a shadow of a doubt the vaccine protects us against all the various strains of corona virus.

CBC is a great resource for information about coronavirus and all of the known variants thus far.

If you don’t know don’t assume. Don’t listen to your buddy from high school. And don’t listen to talk radio with a particular bent because that is presumptuous. You are presuming they are giving you facts when in fact you are being gravely mislead. No pun intended whatsoever.

We are sharing data and facts with you from reputable sources and relying on those who are seeing the spike in cases firsthand and reporting back for the good of all people not just one or two, but all of us.

A public health crisis entails all of us. The entire general population is a part of this. This is not a you vs me or a he vs she thing. This is not a party line issue republican vs democrat, but an all of us issue. However it is egregiously disturbing to see Republicans lawmakers spreading false hoods about the virus minus facts. Remember: Coronavirus does not discriminate. It does not pick republicans over democrats or vice versa although again numbers are suggesting – more conservative, less educated people are the ones who are dying.

Public Health Insider is sharing alarming new facts with us about Covid 19 and the importance of protecting yourself against it.

Those who are not vaccinated are –

  • 7 times more likely to contract the virus
  • 49 times more likely to be hospitalized
  • 32 times more likely to die from covid 19


It means while half of the nation continues whining about this all being some sort of hoax and hyped up hyperbole – meanwhile the economy is set for a rigorous collapse. We’ve managed to get through it with aid from the government. The moratoriums on housing kept people sheltered.

More than 60% of people are behind on their rent right now. And landlords are in trouble with their banks and mortgage lenders. No rent from their tenants means no payments to their lien holder, i.e. bank. The storm is upon us.

Thousands of businesses have already shut their doors, but their are thousands more who are only now tapping out. Without aid, without assurance their leases will be pulled out from underneath them.

And a lot of the supply chain on basic goods is starting to run dry.

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The sad truth is that ignorance is bliss. People who are un-phased thus far do not seem to understand the far bigger picture. This is not just about them. This is about their loved ones. This is about their neighbors, their community. This is about their fellow citizens. This is about all humanity.

Phil Valentine is just one of several radio talk show hosts who spread falsehoods and spoke out vehemently against masking and vaccinations. He later came to denounce his own absurdities about his illegitimate claims regarding the virus after contracting it and inevitably dying from covid 19. It was a hard lesson to learn and his very last.

Valentine had a colleague share this with his listeners after catching the virus shortly before his death. He unfortunately could not deliver it himself since he was on a respirator.

“Phil would like for his listeners to know that while he has never been an ‘anti-vaxxer’ he regrets not being more vehemently ‘pro-vaccine,’ and looks forward to being able to more vigorously advocate that position as soon as he is back on the air, which we all hope will be soon.”


For argument’s sake let’s do the math. I prefer math cause numbers don’t lie. As more and more people get vaccinated as you did when you were little against previous illnesses that had come and gone and medicine came to discover that vaccines protect against viruses. So in this evidence based scientific belief Polio miraculously went away. Measles squandered off when they were met by a majority of people who vaccinated to protect themselves against it. This is what happens. We reach herd immunity.

The evidence now has confirmed conclusively that those who are vaccinated are not ending up on respirators or not dying.

Yep. Shaking my head again.

However with so many resistors who do not seem to understand the way of the world and how history repeats itself time and time again this is like the modern day polio epidemic or measles, mumps, but far more contagious and far deadlier. Hence there is a vaccine that is now protecting those who rely on data and understand with a level of sophistication such is life.

Viruses appear. We create vaccines to reach herd immunity and we protect ourselves against it and protect those around us and inevitably when we all do this or most of us do this and understand it clearly for what it is and we reach herd immunity.

However with the level of shear ignorance and dogmatic b.s. that is going around it is highly unlikely we may ever reach herd immunity. Selfish and ignorant people who choose to remain ill-informed will continue spreading it. The saddest part about this is many of those people themselves will succumb to the virus.

GET VACCINATED. This is not just about you. It’s about all of us.

We’ll continue covering this story as it continues progressing. My hunch is for the next several years to come.

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