Why Panic Buying Sucks – So Cut It Out


Panic buying sucks. So cut that shit out. I mean it. I truly do.

I’m approaching this differently than most. I get that. I’m hopeful. I’m being powerful. I’m staying optimistic.

No I’m not dismissing this as some little random happenstance. I get this is a full blown pandemic. I get that I’ve been ordered to shelter in place which I’ve never been through before.

However I’m not feeding into the fear because that serves no one.

I’m not going around stockpiling items because I think all the food is going to run out and I’m going to starve to death.

Let’s relax people. That’s not going to happen. And I don’t need to buy up all the bread and all the milk for weeks and weeks because it’s only good for so long. What’s the point? Oh and let’s not forget buying rolls and rolls of toilet paper that should last me through 2020 and beyond. What’s that about?

Is this the society we live in? One that lives in fear of a toilet paper shortage to actually create a toilet paper shortage?

I don’t get it, but here’s what I do get. We’re in a pandemic and we need not make matters worse. I get that my attitude matters in all situations in life. This is the first thing. How I respond and react matters. And it’s all energy. And I create a ripple effect.

Your panic buying has created a shortage of goods for the elderly, for children, for the disabled, for people who can’t get to the store and who don’t have the means to stockpile.

Your panic buying serves no one. Not even you perhaps because all of those goods may go bad before you can devour them.

Experts are asking us to be vigilant, shelter in place, wash our hands, not co mingle in large groups. They didn’t advise us to stockpile and buy up everything for ourselves.

People have created another problem. Why? Selfish I guess.

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