6 alternative Ways to tackling your Anxiety

elderly woman relaxing on her hammock

6 alternative ways to deal with anxiety and start relaxing right now.

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Benefits Of Meditation – This Is Why We Meditate

The benefits of meditation are so immense that in a perfect world it would be required of us all. We’d cut back exponentially on ailments, medical expenses and anxiety just to name a few. The peace, happiness, health benefits are enormous. You may or may not know that yogis and sadhus who devote their lives […]

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I’ve Never Meditated Before. How Do I Start?

So there are so many myths around meditation or Mindfulness. We’re so intimidated by it most of us never get started. Well let me start by saying this don’t fall for all the myths. Much like anything else that turns out to have a major impact on the world and our lives there are many […]

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