Benefits Of Meditation – This Is Why We Meditate

The benefits of meditation are so immense that in a perfect world it would be required of us all.

We’d cut back exponentially on ailments, medical expenses and anxiety just to name a few.


The peace, happiness, health benefits are enormous.

You may or may not know that yogis and sadhus who devote their lives to the practice of this beautiful art also known as mindfulness live long, healthy and prosperous lives.

Prosperous is relative. For them finding peace of mind and health is the ultimate prosperity. It’s not based on monetary value.

And you will find that the inner fulfillment they have far surpasses any inner fulfillment monetary wealth will ever bring you.

These yogis and sadhus also seldom get sick. They will literally spend a lifetime without falling ill. They will inevitably die of old age and whatever ailment at that point will take them.

Most illnesses are born in the lungs and a big part of mindfulness or meditation practice is based around the breath and focused on awareness of the breath.

However do not be misled. That’s just one part of it depending on the type of yoga you are doing. Meditation is not only about breath and at times and depending on the modality may not be about breath at all.

It’s even more about awareness. Being. Non-doing. Acceptance. Presence of mind. This is the ultimate point of Mindfulness. From that standpoint and in that way the breath has an autonomous response to the mind.

If you enter this state of restful alertness your breathing slows automatically, not with intent, but as a physiological reaction to the state of being.

There are things it does to your breath that may make you more aware of your breath. For one your breathing slows when you are meditating. And your heart rate drops. And that is part of why your breathing slows.

You are in heightened state of calm. You’ve turned off all extra sensory perceptions. It’s a state known as restful alertness. You’re eyes are closed. You are in a state of rest. However you are alert. You are not sleeping. You are actually in a state of heightened alertness. And it’s by spending time in practice that you inevitably elevate your awareness.

It’s such a profound thing because it truly changes you and enhances your life in ways that are unimaginable to the beginner or resister.

You have a richer experience because you live from a place of greater awareness the more you meditate. You are more alert. More present and more receptive.

Sitting allows you to be at peace with your thoughts. It allows you to allow thoughts to come and then let them go. The more you do this the more calm you become overtime.

You become less reactive because you know how to process thoughts and moments with grace and in a calm state.

And you arrive more powerfully to each moment because you are more relaxed and distressed from Mindfulness.

The more you practice this the more awareness you bring to each and every encounter. Your life is richer. You are more alive. More present. This is what it means to be awake.

It truly is life changing.

So the benefits are endless and so profound. Here’s a short list of some of the most profound, but know the benefits are countless.

  1. Reduces Stress

  2. Improves Immune function

  3. Wards off Disease

  4. Promotes healthy brain function

  5. Reduces Anxiety

  6. Promotes emotional well being

So I want to offer you resources here to help you along on your path to mindfulness. I’m so very excited for you as it will absolutely transform your world.

One of the most exceptional teachers in this space is Jon Kabat Zinn. He has spent the last four decades practicing mindfulness, teaching it and starting the MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program now implemented at hundreds of institutions around the world.

He has spent so much time practicing Mindfulness that is so evident. His aura exudes a magnitude of calm that you’ll only find with the likes of the Dalai Lama And Thich Nhat Hanh. He’s an American Yogi extraordinaire emanating such light and airiness about him that you’d think he’d just stepped out of a cave with Maha Avtar Baba Ji in the Himalayas.

Yes he’s that elevated and his awareness is that heightened from his more than fourty years of practice.

So be sure you use him to your advantage. He is here to teach us.

And because I’m so excited about the thought of you beginning meditation I give you my very own free guided bliss meditation. Click here to get yours. It’s ten minutes of me guiding you through a sitting.

It’s my sincere hope and belief as always that we don’t just end up in places or reading certain things by chance.

Especially if it’s a sort of suggestive and encouraging read that asks you to give something a try because I’ve got your best interest. I get nothing for you trying. I simply know how awesome it is and I’d like you to try and even if you have meditated before, but don’t practice regularly am asking you as well to give it another try. Please.

I promise you’ll love it. You just have to stick with it. And like anything in life, you have to Believe. Believe in the beauty, power, awesomeness and magic of meditation. Let it take you to heights you’ve not gone before.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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