The Greatest All Natural High EVER!!!

It’s a daily ritual that took many years to become habitual. After a lot of resistance, dozens of failed attempts, numerous meager efforts at it I found my little niche in the ever vast domain of higher consciousness, i.e., meditation. There are five levels of consciousness that are possible to be experienced. However most people will only experience three. Waking. Sleeping. Dreaming. Yes that’s right, sleeping and dreaming are indeed two different levels of consciousness. They are not one in the same. I hear people often say, “Oh I don’t need to meditate. I get plenty of rest.” Or sometimes this so called rest is referred to as sleep. What they don’t know is that resting, a.k.a., sleeping is not the same as meditation. Meditation is a form of rest, yes, absolutely, but a completely much deeper state of rest. Meditation is also referred to as restful alertness. It’s taking yourself to a state of consciousness where you are alert, but resting your mind. Much like our bodies needing sleep and rest so does the mind. The mind is active, non-stop, going, going, going all of the time. Even during the sleep state the mind is actively working to dream, respond, react. Even during the deepest state of sleep, not to be mistaken with REM sleep, delta sleep (the deepest state) the mind is still working or operating at a lower frequency, one of the three frequencies I mentioned earlier. It’s not until we practice restful alertness that we take ourselves to this fourth dimension or fourth level of consciousness. There is a fifth level of consciousness as well, but very few people here on the earth plane can actually ever reach the fifth level. The few who can are otherworldly, spiritual, anointed beings. They are gifted and have been given an innate ability to transcend mind and body on this physical plane. These are the few and far between yogis who or are able to separate the mind from the body completely, transcending themselves to this higher plane fifth dimension axis not only metaphysically, but physically as well. They essentially leave their bodies, and have an O.B.E., outer body experience. This is different because this is something they are able to do voluntarily unlike people who experience O.B.E.’s involuntarily. This fourth level of consciousness is important because this where you begin to center your heart space with the mind space. This is where we begin to learn to relax and unwind. This is where we learn to be less stressed in general because we are practicing restful alertness. Regular meditation, sitting in silence and quieting the mind actually makes our minds much more dynamic. We all store stress in our bodies, whether it be in our necks, backs, shoulders, etc. When we meditate we release these toxins that are stored in our bodies and we begin to be more at ease with ourselves. By sitting in meditation and keeping silence we are in the present moment practicing quietude which in essence centers us inside allowing peace and unity, life force and vital energy to begin flowing and moving freely. The physiological benefits of daily meditation are enormous and abundant. We may not see these results for a few weeks, but after consistent daily practice we will indeed begin to feel the positive benefits of daily meditation. We begin to feel lighter, more free, less tense and more at ease within our own bodies. We begin to process things around us differently and with much greater ease. It really is the greatest alternative to all of those manufactured highs that many of us chase after. It’s the most awesome all natural high you’ll ever experience. It get’s better. No hangover the next day.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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