3 Things To Do To Heal A Broken Heart

3 Things To Do To Heal A Broken HeartWhile a broken heart can take time to heal, even years it will inevitably mend itself.  It may never be exactly the same again, innocent or unscathed, but it will and can be whole again, minus the hole they left. That’s just a little remnant, a battle wound if you will…….

  1. Forgiveness – This is the first most powerful step to healing a broken heart. It is essential to the well being of everyone involved. You first and foremost owe it to yourself. Don’t do it for them. Do it for yourself. Forgive them. Hold no resentment in your heart.

    Resentment only keeps you from loving fully and powerfully in the future. Resentment and pain keep us from moving on powerfully into a more loving future. The universe is so abundant and it wants you to love and be loved. And the only way to do this fully is by the process of making yourself whole again. In forgiving you release that tinge of pain that is holding you down and still hurting you.

    I know all too well the pain and grief-stricken feeling of a broken heart. Broken hearts may take a long time to mend, but trust me it happens. It will mend, but only once you’ve forgiven. Know that the power of forgiving is first for you and he or she is simply a benefactor of it. You for you, first.

  2. Learn The Lesson – Which each relationship comes a powerful lesson that is in the end for our own soul’s evolution. When we begin to look at life in a more philosophical way we begin to have deeper more meaningful experiences and exchanges.

    When we understand on a deeper level this person’s karmic reasoning for being in our lives and why we came together with that person in the first place we will have less resentment. We are able to forgive easier.

    And able to move on more powerfully now empowered with this new deeper understanding. You will be wiser and carry wisdom forward instead of bitterness. You will understand the relationship that took place was to teach you something about life, love, forgiveness, your own truth, your insecurities and where you have power in life and where you don’t.

    If you can understand fundamentally why you were with this person and how you could’ve done better and how they could’ve done better you will be able to move much more powerfully into the future and into a healthier relationship. Irrespective of the outcome. An example of this is, if someone was in your life and abused you then that lesson is two-fold. Understand you need to have more respect for yourself and will not allow yourself to be abused in the future and learn that another lesson is to have empathy for that person who abused you. People act out and hurt others and abuse people because they are hurting themselves.

    And while it is unacceptable to abuse people as someone who wants to learn and grow and evolve it is perfectly healthy and necessary to exercise empathy for someone who is unhappy and feels compelled to abuse another human being. Having empathy for both yourself and the other person will allow you to move on more powerfully and not repeat the mistakes of the past. And this will allow you to forgive as well.

  3. Feed Your Soul – Do something awesome for your soul because you are worthy. A broken heart takes time and needs to be nurtured back to wholeness. There are so many awesome things you can do for your soul. Understand and know that feeding your soul is part of the lesson and awesome outcome of finding your way back to wholeness.

    Had you not been hurt you may not explore outlets that in the end will help you and guide you to becoming a more loving, accepting and empowered being. It is unfortunate, but for many life’s challenges, hardships, and pain are what lead us towards the path of soul work. We find ourselves seeking meaning and wanting to find a powerful way to reinvigorate love and peace into our being.

    And this is the beauty of walking on a soul path. Most of us arrive there because we are lost and pained and want to find a way of getting back to who we were before the trauma and the hurt. There are so many beautiful people, teachers, and guides who can lead you back to a more dynamic and more enlightened you. There are books, there is meditation, there are groups, friends.

    Allow your heart to be healed. Ask for healing from the Universe, your angels and guides. Receive energy healing from a practitioner or give yourself healing by placing your hands on your heart as a daily ritual. Feel the warmth of your hands as you sit with the intensity of the pain. It’s ok. It will hurt, but it will heal. This is all part of the process and very necessary. Go out into nature. Nature is one of the most powerful means of feeding our soul. Nature gives us so much more than we could ever even ask of it.

    Be in silence with the trees and the fresh air and be in the moments of pain and heartache. Allow the serenity, tranquility and majesticness of nature to bring you back to who you are.

I wish you an incredible and empowering journey back to fulness in your heart, mind and soul.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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