13 Minute Fajitas

DSC00156Yes this can be done.  I swear.  So here’s the first hang up, chicken generally is totally overcooked.  Now most of the time I would also cook, grill, bake my chicken for more than 13 minutes, but when it’s been cut up into bite sized pieces all it needs is 13 minutes to be fully cooked and digestible.  This also helps retain a lot of the juiciness.  When chicken is overcooked it ends up dry and not so moist.This can indeed be done in literally 13 minutes.  Please note, I’m talking cooking and preparing a fajita.  I’d give it an extra five minutes for cutting up the chicken and bell peppers and onions.Here’s what it takes -bite sized pieces of the chickenthinly sliced bells and red onionavocadosalsa – “Rojas – Hot”fajitaspices for fajitas – black pepper, cayenne, basil flakes, crushed garlic – I usually get the organic already crushed garlic that comes in a glass jar.butter – the most unhealthy part of this meal, but it’s light butter so I approve.  I never said I was an extremist, just an existentialist.  I don’t take extreme measures with anything in life.  A little bit here and there is just fine.If you’re a grill aficionado like me, you’ve got three things going pretty much at once.  We’ve got the chicken grilling on one stove – light olive oil.  Grill for thirteen minutes – stirring to perfection.Meanwhile – bell peppers and onions start grilling a few minutes after chicken since these only take about 7-8 minutes.Lastly – we’ve got our pan for the tortillas – lightly butter the pan and place the tortilla.  I like to brown the tortillas slightly for best effect.And Voila!!!!DSC00152 DSC00157 

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