Baking Bread

DeathtoStock_Food9We just baked bread again.  We’ve been salivating.  We’ve been sitting here smelling it doing it’s thing in the oven.  Here’s my favorite banana bread recipe for you all.  It’s a low fat recipe – as low fat as it can possibly be for high carb banana bread – the low fat version.  It’s light and moist and always fluffs up exactly as we want.  The nuts always gather at the top and the crust browns it self.  I make a conscious effort to slice it thinly so there’s less carb/fat guilt associate with eating thinner slices.  This way we just eat two or three, kidding.  One slice is the limit here with the fight to get fit before high summer.  Voila – warm banana bread and my cup of joe.  I’m good to go.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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