Another Sunday Spent In Reflection

As the clock ticks minute to minute, hour by hour, the days turn into nights, then weeks and months and inevitably years we are reminded of how quickly time goes by.  When I was younger I remember older people telling me it would only go by even quicker as I got older.  Now I find myself telling younger people that.  Life really is precious.  Moments are just that, fleeting, quick, here now and gone in an instant.  The power lies in living in this moment.  Especially the beautiful wonderful moments, those are the ones we should never take for granted, live into fully and treasure forever because those too are fleeting.  Here now and gone in an absolute instant.  Much like people.  This week I lost a loved one.  The shock is yet to subside.  The reality of it not fully settled.  Life really is the school of hard knocks.  Just when we think we’re sailing through we’re given a wake up call, a lesson, a profundity of the grandeur of life in all its glory and all its misery.Life really is so very grand.  It is absolutely grand.  It can be so magnificent and absolutely awesome and so earth shattering and heartbreaking all in a matter of minutes, even seconds.  Life can change without warning.  Life is our greatest teacher.  Loss perhaps the hardest lesson.  We are in school everyday and it is up to us individually and collectively to learn and grow, not just intellectually, but experience soul growth.  We must always be in a state of existentialism.  We must always be pondering the big questions so we can put it all in perspective when the big stuff happens.  We’re here today and gone tomorrow.  We have to live powerfully in the now and not take this moment for granted because there is nothing then the now to live for.  We can’t live for tomorrow because there is no guarantee of it.  We have to love those around us now, today, right now.  We have to tell them we love them now.  We have to be grateful for all of the wonderful blessings and people and remember how lucky we are for all of the beauty that abounds.  We are fragile.  And then life happens.  We learn from loss.  We grow from loss.  We grieve in loss.  We reflect in loss. Image By Tiago Aguiar

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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