3 Tips To Happiness

3 Tips To Happiness

Happiness is one of those elusive things.  For some more than others.In these hectic times we should take a moment to look even more deeply into our lives, what causes our happiness and unhappiness?Is there a method to our madness?  Is there a plain and simple way to find, attain and hold onto sustained happiness?After a lot of research, reading, writing, meditating and self-inquiry I’ve found the following three tips to be the greatest benefactors for sustained long-term human happiness.

  1. The first tip is Gratitude – gratitude is one of those remarkable traits that allows us so much inner fulfillment by way of being grateful for little things in life. Or the big things it doesn’t matter, but the point is to be grateful. It doesn’t matter how you slice it. And it doesn’t matter how miserable you are, but I know at this very moment if we sat with this notion of gratitude there is one thing if not several that we can be grateful for. Good friends, family, our health, our job, our status, our station, our dog, the roof over our heads, food, whatever it may be, but there is something for which we can be grateful. People who understand the art of being grateful on a regular and frequent basis are much happier the world over. They have less to bitch about and more to love and more to be grateful for. Make it a habit. Every day be grateful for at least one thing and you will feel a shift inside of you. Life instantly becomes a little more tolerable and just better. It’s instantaneous.
  2. Empathy – practice this profound art and you will become not only a better more loving and receptive person, but you will become happier. You will feel less sorry for yourself and your circumstance because you begin to connect with people and feel their pain. It is no longer just about your suffering, but the art of empathy teaches us to be human and feel for people. This will give you a much greater perspective on life and put your own troubles in greater perspective. You are not the only one with troubles. Everyone has challenges and struggles in life. That is life. Empathy is a great key to your inevitable happiness.
  3. Do For Others – this one goes hand in hand with empathy on some level. It’s that same art of selflessness. It’s about doing for others and not just for yourself. When we go out into the world and see where there is need and pitch in a helping hand we are rewarded inside with a profound and deep sense of meaning and purpose. We are doing for others. We are understanding life in a deeper way. There are others who have needs and we can help them and that action feels great. The happiest people in the world are volunteers, activists, advocates, healers, lovers and givers. They do for others and in that doing they are in receipt of awesome abundant love from the universe. Go volunteer or help out an elderly neighbor, you will feel great about it and great about yourself. A major impactful way to get a major dose of happiness.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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