3 Best Places For Great Content – My Go To’s

As an avid reader I do my best to get what I can get in – in. This time is offering me more opportunity to take in even more great content.

And while I do my fair share of reading books I also have some favorite online platforms where I take in a lot of great reading.

Here are a few of my faves!

The Paris Review – Escapism is par for the course when you take on the Paris Review. Some of the most exceptional writers and most thought provoking essays and poetry. Great for discovering authors and poets if you’re interested. You’ll find intimate stories about writers you’ve heard of and incredible writers from around the world you’ve not heard of. Poets on Couches is one of my favorites along with the Staff Picks.

You can dig through the hefty poetry archives dating back several decades.

You’ll find vividly vicarious stories and poetry of fact and fiction through the eyes of storied authors and laureates. The Paris Review is a literary playground for those who crave tales of fantasy and fiction.

A few of my recent favorites – Sheltering In Place With Montaigne,

an intimate look at Fran Lebowitz – Redux: Nothing To Grind,

Fran Lebowitz - Redux: Nothing To GrindFran Lebowitz - Redux: Nothing To Grind

Fran Lebowitz – Redux: Nothing To Grind

and The Verb To Be. The Paris Review is loaded with great reads.

The Tonic Of Gardening In The Coronavirus Quarantine - The New Yorker April 7, 2020The Tonic Of Gardening In The Coronavirus Quarantine - The New Yorker April 7, 2020

The Tonic Of Gardening In The Coronavirus Quarantine – The New Yorker April 7, 2020

And lastly just for kicks and giggles and to read something lighter and more wispy – to just read and take a load off well then there’s Vanity Fair.

V F gives us that fantasy celebrity escapism when we want to check out. A lot of great write ups of some of your favorite Hollywood celebs in their most intimate and exposed, even vulnerable settings, many times in their private abodes. Stars share from the heart and give us some incredible tidbits and sneak peaks from inside their fantasy lives. And for me it’s not just fanfare, but in many cases a star who gives us more than the surface level of lights and cameras, but someone who understands the power of celebrity and is using it to do some good in the world. There’s nothing more precious than that. Using your fame to make an impact is the most awesome way to use it. That’s a legacy worth leaving and reading about. Lots of good writing and candid sharing make it worth the read. It can be the perfect escape in times like these. The latest issue features a household name and Hollywood powerhouse who’s up to some pretty big things, celebrity aside –

The Book Of Reese.

Vanity Fair Cover - April 2020Vanity Fair Cover - April 2020

Vanity Fair Cover – April 2020

and another good one – VF breaking down 16 Beautiful Movies That Will Give You A Virtual Dose Of Nature.

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