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$5 Charge for wearing a mask according to anti-masker anti-vaxxer cafe owner in Mendocino, California.

$5 Charge for wearing a mask. Really? So while the Northern California Coast is a magical seascape with breathtaking vistas lining the Pacific it’s far from the mainland so to speak. It’s remote and some of its patrons are let’s just call them closed minded. On the way up I was forewarned via text about a cafe with a very peculiar sign bordering offensive and most certainly ignorant.


Image from SFGate.

“$5 Fee Added To Orders Placed While Wearing A Face Mask,” reads the sign. It welcomes patrons to Fiddlehead’s Cafe in Mendocino.

And the absurdity doesn’t stop there. There is a second sign that threatens an additional $5 charge for anyone caught bragging about having been vaccinated.

The cafe first gained big attention with a tiktok video that went viral with thousands of fews and thousands of comments after they had posted a sign back in April – offering 50% off your meal inside of a waiting garbage can inside the restaurant.


While getting back to normal is going to be slow going many are beginning to acclimate themselves to what has now become our new normal. It means no more dining in, although many places are starting to open up indoor seating. Always ensuring you are masked or ready. Carrying hand sanitizer. Obeying the strict mandates. In the beginning it was hard, but a year and half into we’ve gotten used to it. Most of us comply without complaint. We do what is asked of us not because we love it, but because it’s what’s good for everyone. We practice selflessness in hopes of reaching herd immunity.


Unfortunately American’s anti masker and anti-vaxxer movement is hardly slowing down, perhaps even gaining momentum as hyperbole and false theories continuing feeding the mostly uneducated.

For more on the psychology of the anti-vaxxer check out this post. One of the most popular misconceptions is the vaccine is not safe.

New discoveries in the medical field have found that most of the new cases of corona virus are those who have not been vaccinated. Coincidental irony or science? You decide.


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