Baby Steps To Our New Year’s Resolutions


babystepsIt’s always exciting the start of a new year. Excitement comes as anticipation to January 1st and all of the holiday festivities build, but excitement can be short lived and fades fast. I’ve got a new approach to this year. I’m reading positive affirmations and starting really small. No big resolutions. Just simple small little things to set the pattern and make it habitual. They say you have to do something for 40 days straight for it to become habit forming and a daily part of your routine.

So for now I just take it one day at a time and ensure that every day I do that small little thing I’ve promised myself. I think looking at something as a big undertaking and final outcome is not always as productive in the long run because the final result seems so far away. That’s why if we just do a little something towards the outcome each day without focusing on the end result, but the little something we did that day we start to see results and a we move closer to the ultimate goal.

For example if we’ve decided we need to lose weight this year, that’s awesome, but instead of focusing on the ideal weight just choose and decide to work out every day or 3-5 times a week instead. Before you know it you will be losing weight. We have to look at our goals in little increments versus the big finale end result, I need to lose fifty pounds. I myself for example am working on my first book. Instead of looking at it as I’m writing a book, which seems daunting to the say the least I’ve decided I’m going to write every day.

Even if it’s just a paragraph or two, I’ve made the decision to work towards the goal without some big end result in mind. Having a notion of writing a book every time I sit down to write seems a little arduous, unrealistic even during moments of fear and insecurity. Instead I’m just getting into the habit of writing everyday and eventually before I know it having that first book in hand ready to prospect.

For me, I’ve been reading positive and insightful things. Those gentle little reminders and soft nudges that push me to get it done. It’s powerful to take in positive affirmations. It really is. Whatever we focus on and dedicate ourselves to becomes our reality. If we want positive results for ourselves we have to stay positive. We have to believe and keep at it. It may take time, lots of time, but working towards it, believing and just taking it one day at a time will lead us where we’re headed.

Keep your eye on the prize, focus, believe, see yourself achieving it, put it in that few minutes or few hours a day and re-evaluate your progress at the end of the week or month. Give yourself credit for the time you’re putting in towards that inevitable outcome. Don’t worry about the end result, just decide to make the effort as much as possible no matter how big or small. You will see you have made progress and will feel your own affirmations coming to light as we push into 2015.

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