Because I Believe

Because I Believe…….It’s the thing that has led me to this place and down the path.  It is what I have.  And for each and every one of us let us know we can choose to believe.  There is nothing more powerful in the universe.When we believe we achieve. It is in that belief, that inner knowing and belief in our selves and our ability and what we are truly capable of that we manifest. In this belief, we turn the corner.  From self-doubt and questioning to revelation and self-proclamation.Belief is that knowing that casts no doubt.  It rids us of fear and second-guessing to leave only determined faith.  And with faith we find the rigor and the might to charge forward into the belief of possibility and manifestation.  How exciting the potential that magic awaits on the other side of belief.The greatest achievers in life, those who materialize their goals have one profound commonality, self-belief. They see themselves at this pinnacle and at this place in life where they can live in never-ending doubt and the sorrows of what if or they can move through it and into it.  In the end, the belief gives them a feeling of  worthiness so they go after it.There is no doubt for the believers that anything is possible.  Possible is nothing for those who have belief.  Belief is not anything that can be diminished or dismissed.  When someone believes in something they see it clearly.The path is wide open and the belief will take them beyond expectations.  It is, in the end, their belief in themselves that has them achieve.  When you have true authentic sincere belief that cannot be set aside.  There is nothing one with belief cannot achieve.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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