Dilemma – Social Media Platforms – Betting On Us

We know all about futures, the forex, trading on the stock market. Well we may not know all about it, but we’ve heard about it. We know it’s what keeps the economy moving, soaring and like it’s done recently tanking.

Now what we’ve dabbled in and touched on, most of us who have some sort of tech gadget or the other is the social problem of inundation. Too much tech and too much media coming at us.

Just when we get to know one platform there’s a new one. TikTok – sure I’ve heard of it. Although I’ve never used it – they come and go so quickly that it may be gone before we even get to it. There had even been talks and a myriad of threats not too long about pulling the plug on the Chinese app. Some say it’s personal for those who want to abolish the app, it’s struck a chord and that’s why going after TikTok seems inevitable. Likely and a strange world it is when I can – write it off as likely. Tik Tok meanwhile fired back with it’s own threats of taking a counter legal action against the former President.

Now the real dilemma is that we are the commodity. We are the ones now being traded on the open market. We are the ones they are betting on. They even have coined us – human futures.

Through mass marketing and advertising there is a very clear objective. They want us to pull the trigger. And they are tapping deep into human psychology and how humans react to certain images, suggestions, ads, colors, all of it in hopes that their ad budget equals a drain on our pockets – meaning they bet on us by advertising with the giants, we spend hours and hours on these apps and eventually we pull the plug and buy something. This is how the tech food chain works. We are at the bottom, but a commodity nonetheless.

They are hoping to get a reaction or trigger a behavior. And that behavior and reaction is worth money, ad money.

Here’s how it works. Advertisers spend a lot of money to expose their products, services, whatever on these multi-billion dollar platforms with hundreds of millions if not billions of users.

“The Social Dilemma” will make you rethink Facebook, Twitter and more.


It looks something like this –


Facebook has 2.45 billion active monthly users.


Instagram stats every marketer should know – 1 Billion monthly active users and more than 500 million of them use it daily.


Pinterest – tops 400 Million active monthly users .

This from the company’s very own news desk.

To give you a little more perspective – Pinterest terminated a 490,000 square foot lease at nearly $90 million in downtown San Francisco – since everyone’s working from home. Do the math.


Twitter statistics – 330 million monthly users and 500 million tweets sent per day. That’s astronomical and breaks down to about 6000 tweets per second.

These apps and media have taken over our lives.

We are completely controlled to some degree by these giants. Many people are on their phones all day with only a few minutes of distraction that pulls them away. We’re waiting in line and we tweet or pin.

We’re in traffic and we’re checking our instagram feed.

So yes, we’re bogged down by it all.

Here’s Where Tech Gets Scary

But here’s the scary part. We are being monitored – every second of the day. As long as you have a smart device with you, you are being tracked and traced. GPS knows exactly where you’re going.

Example – I went to a shoe store the other day. Came home and started getting ads for shoes and socks and shoe accessories. I was annoyed to say the least. I felt violated in some weird creepy way..

Cyber Crime

And all of these advancements in tech make more room for more savvy tech geeks to hack in. Cyber crime along with these numbers is going up exponentially – equating to more to more an more crime on the web. The latest statistics show there is a cyber attack once every 39 seconds. And 78 percent of US organizations have experienced at least one cyber attack just in the past year.

$50 to $100 billion dollars is lost each year to cyber attacks. And experts warn this number is likely to go up. With new faster quicker apps this just means faster and quicker hacks for the attackers.

19 Alarming Cybercrime Statistics for 2020.

How do you feel about being traded? Let us know.

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