Yes. go green. Why we’re urging you to be More green.

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Yes. Go green. We want you to be super green. As green as you can be and here’s why…….

Climate change is a very real and pressing issue. The effects of climate change are no longer something that we have to worry about in the future, cause it is happening now. Like right now, this very second. At this very moment there is something you can do to help in your own little way.

If you’re not taking action to be more green, then you should do so as soon as possible.

I take this very seriously so I’m going to help you out with a breakdown of ways can become more environmentally friendly!

The environment is in a state of crisis. All around us we see the effects of human carelessness and exploitation: pollution, deforestation, climate change. It’s time to take action! Going green will not only make you feel good about yourself but it will also help preserve our planet for generations to come. What can you do?


Climate change is a complex issue with many contributors and consequences. The implications for human well-being, the economy, and natural ecosystems are significant. We will need to integrate climate change into our development plans as we face rising temperatures, sea levels, and more severe weather patterns. 

The effects of climate change will be felt all over the world but most acutely in low-income countries that lack resources to adapt to these changes. These nations have done little to contribute but will bear an outsized burden from these changes. As people around the world grapple with how best to address this challenge, it’s important that we do not forget those populations who are already living on the margins of society or those who may feel like they don’t belong.


There are many ways that an individual or company can go green and one way is by making sustainable purchases. Sustainable products are made with environmentally friendly materials which means they have low carbon footprint and less impact on the environment than other products because they don’t use resources like water, fuel, chemicals etc., they also contain less toxins so that when disposed there is less risk on the environment.

So what does this mean for you? It means that by buying sustainable products, which may cost a little more in some cases, or following these tips to be green at home and work it will go a long way towards preserving our planet for future generations! 

Space colonization is one way I guess. I’m being sarcastic. Or rather just stay here on earth because it takes a lot of carbon emission to launch off into space. Check out our previous post on the positives and negatives of potential space colonization and the impact it has on earth and earthlings.

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In order to live as environmentally friendly as possible there are many ways we can do so. The first thing is to reuse items and buy second-hand whenever possible – this includes clothes, furniture, books etc. Next time you’re browsing through your Facebook feed check out pages like Buy Nothing New Month or Freecycle where people list their unwanted items online! If you don’t want to buy anything new then follow these steps :

– Reduce waste by carrying reusable bags with you as well as using containers or jars instead of buying new products like canned foods, coffee beans etc., then filling them at home from bulk bins. The next time that jar is empty just rinse it out and use it again – this way nothing goes to waste!  Purchase fast food without packaging (just carry a bag) or make things yourself at home.

* Save water: so many people take showers every day and use a lot of hot water. Try to cut down on water usage by taking shorter showers or using less soap each time you shower. You’ll save money and the environment too!

* Recycle as much as possible: recycling is important for both our planet’s future but also your budget. Most things in life are recyclable these days from paper products like newspapers and magazines to plastics, cans, metal items—even clothing with fabric made from natural fibers like cotton or wool. When you recycle something instead of throwing it away or putting it in the trash bin, not only are you doing your part to be more eco-friendly but also saving money.

* Recycle clothes: whether it’s your old jeans or the sweater you wore last winter, recycling clothing is easy to do and will create new threads for someone else while also keeping usable fabrics out of landfills where they can’t decompose properly. It’s a win-win!

Instead of throwing out your old clothes, donate them. There are a number of organizations that will take your unwanted clothing and pass it on to people in need all over the world! This is also good for you because donating saves you on taxes whereas if you throw away old items those costs may come back to haunt you later when filing income tax returns.

* Use energy efficient light bulbs: it’s easy and inexpensive to switch out old incandescent or fluorescent lights for newer, more environmentally friendly LED or CFL bulbs that use less electricity and are long lasting. These new versions of older types of lighting not only save money on utilities, they’re better for the environment too!

* Turn off electronics when not in use: a lot of people don’t realize how much electricity is wasted because their plugged-in devices aren’t turned off properly. It doesn’t take very long at all to unplug things like TVs, computers, lamps, printers—anything with an electric cord going into it—to make sure you’re being an eco-friendly household.

* Buy used goods when possible: instead of buying something brand new at full price, why not buy secondhand? There are so many ways to find things that fit what you need without breaking the bank—whether from thrift stores, garage sales, classified ads or online marketplaces like eBay or Craigslist. You’ll be doing your part in saving money and protecting our planet by purchasing less stuff too!


If you want your children or grandchildren to grow up on a planet with clean air and water then do what needs to be done now – take steps towards living more sustainably today so they won’t have to worry about pollution tomorrow. 

Do it for the ocean, the clouds, the sun, the moon. Do it so we can continue enjoying the fruits of mother earth and continue this glorified existence on this exceptionally beautiful and magical place called earth that we call home.

We should love and honor it and give back to the planet in the same way it gives to us.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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