On Healing – Alternative Ways Show Promise

Healing – Are there alternatives that are better then western medicine?

What does it mean to heal? The west is loaded with options that are all medicine based, but perhaps there is a better way?

Healing – The Way To Recovery

There is more and more evidence now even in the west showing promise based in science of alternative methods of healing. What exactly is alternative medicine?

As an energy worker my belief in healing has always been based on a theory of self-healing or relying on alternative methods not found in pharmaceutical compounds.

While there are cases that require a certain regimen or round of drugs in most cases these prescription meds are not alternatives to healing, but bandaids for symptoms that will surely produce other ailments.

The side effects on most prescription drugs far outweigh any benefit.

So in my belief and through practice I have found the power of prayer and belief are far more powerful than relying on compounds formulated behind closed doors with lifelong side effects.

Some Of My Favorite Alternative Methods

Reiki – as a Reiki Master I speak from the heart when I share that learning this amazing practice and being able to allow a higher power to work through you to give healing is the most amazing experience. I can feel it in my soul when the energy of my Gurus, angels and guides works through me. It’s not me. It’s Them.

Meditation – Sitting in silence and in self reflection is one the most powerful things you can do for your soul. More and more research is showing the physiological and psychological benefits of meditation. The mind literally heals and recovers itself. It slows the aging process and wards off a lot of common ailments. Here’s some research on the science behind meditation. For some guidance – you can download my bliss guided meditation by clicking here.

Nature – This is one of the most profound ways to realign yourself back to recovery. The healing properties of nature have been an intuitive outlet for great thinkers, philosophers, naturalists and cosmic butterflies for centuries. It’s all energy. The trees and plants have auras. How to see the aura? I can see them and if you focus intently so will you. Check out the healing power of nature.

Chanting – Gurus and the great sages believe that if you chant with present awareness you become attuned to a deeper higher resonance and frequency. You are praising God through a form of chanting meditation. When chanting the mind focuses only on the chanting. It does not wander. So essentially chanting is a form of meditation. Bliss out to Krishna Das chanting Om Namah Shivaya – the most powerful chant of the cosmos. It’s been being chanted for thousands of years, millions of times over.

I have no desire in dealing with one problem to take on another. Pills don’t ever get to the root. They touch the root and branch out into other roots.

Again let me state for the record everything is energy. Healing is also based in energy. As portrayed in so many scientific journals and the Netflix movie Heal – there is enormous evidence to support that most healing is based on a mental belief and capacity to heal oneself. This belief far outweighs the theory that medicine heals.

Healing is an inside job and for those who have been given grave prognoses – the mental will to heal will far outreach the hopeless prognosis forced upon them by western medicine.

There are proven methods to healing and finding alternatives to medicine. Science based research has shown nurturing soul is a powerful way to recovery and offers healing.


All of those given dire prognoses refused to accept the prognosis and took maters into their own heads and hearts.

And with the belief of their own determination and will to recover the science shows that more than 80% of the healing is mental while a small minority is physical.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.