The Hypocrisy of Us – Keeping It Real

The hypocrisy of us all is all too real.  We must therefore keep it ever so real.  Now the universe asks for us to be realer than we’ve ever been.  Who among us will stand proud in their sad truth?  Who among us will bear the burden of down trodden judgements?  Judgers judge and perpetrate their own lies and falsehoods perhaps for shear deflection.  It’s like a certain someone we’d rather not know or know of.  Oh how the world would be better without that certain deflector, perpetrator and hater.  How much more real and authentic we’d present ourselves to the world without his negativity, his ignorance.  Honestly quite a noble task in this day and age.  I speak truth.  Cold hard truth.  I don’t care if they judge.  Let them judge.  I actually figured out they will judge no matter what.  If I speak the cold hard truth let them judge as I walk in dignified virtuosity of what I’ve done.  I’m proud to speak the painful truth.  Not with the intent of hurting, but with the weight of my conscience forcing me into honesty and bravery.  It’s a matter of integrity, not pride.  It’s a matter of justice.  Do or die.  We have to hold our heads up high. It’s the only way we’ll fly.How to keep it real is a quandary for many of us?  What is real?  What’s fake?  There’s so much pretentiousness all around me. The internet and today’s little ones scorned by fake faux falsehoods.  A lying and deceitful leader and cheater of the free world, not keeping it real in any capacity.  Truth a bygone of days gone by.  We need some real talk.  We need real people who keep it real.  We can’t fake the funk.  No more BS and pretending what’s fake and phony is in any way real.  It’s not real.  Who is real? What is authentic?  What do we leave for authenticity’s sake? Authenticity these days perhaps too far reaching and even further far fetched.  How can we grasp reality.  Our own falsehoods penetrating our very existence.  Our fake friends and phony colleagues pretending to keep it real. They live a lie and lies of perpetual pride.To all the fakers.  Stand in your truth.  Let the light shine through and out and over into the abyss of heavenly kingdoms where truth reigns supreme in every dimension.  From every facet of my existence let truth be my compass to the altar of my Beloved.  God.  Only authenticity gives such delight.  Let there be abundant light.  Bright bright ever so bright.  The truth will always set us free, every single time.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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