The Joshua Wong Story – All It Takes Is One

Joshua Wong – All It Takes Is One.  Our fate is written in the stars before we choose it, before it was written.  For some a fate that is at the fore of a movement, of change, of revolution.  At 14 years old, Joshua Wong became the face of a movement that is now years later shaping to change a regime, a nation, and generations to come.The founder of Scholarism, Joshua Wong started a revolution of epic proportions.  He’s the leader of a grand transition in Hong Kong.  He has sparked change, outrage and ignited passion across China.  He has started a revolution.  He’s kind of a big deal and a profound modern-day revolutionary and activist.  At 14 he stepped out and lead a generation, millions of people to speak up and speak out against a tyrannical government enforcing an outdated education system.  It’s known as National Education and has been the regulatory mandate for how and what Chinese students are taught for decades.  Wong wanted a new way and millions of others were on board with his wants, wanting the same.  A new way of learning.  Wong founded Scholarism encouraging free thought and demanding a doing away with National Education, a model he and hundreds of thousands of young students find outdated and played out.  Wong’s Scholarism promotes non-conventional education allowing for free thought and progressivism.And if that weren’t enough, apparently for him it wasn’t, he’s launched a new political party and he’s headed to the polls with his name on the ballot in 2020.  He’s wanting to do away with the communist party and the old People’s Republic of China.  He thinks it’s time for a new way.  The second most powerful nation in the world need not echo according to Joshua and his generation will hardly be silenced.  They will not be coerced into several more decades of dogmatic dictatorship.  The next generation is ready to take on the regime.Wong has made his mark sparking the government to block him as a search term.  He’s so phenomenal that he is now un-googleable in the People’s Republic of China.  You can’t google him in China because he’s such a threat.  Now that’s awesomeness.Joshua is set to run a political campaign in the coming election and while still so young, 2020 may not be his year to take center stage, I say this only because, it’s not he, but the older generations of Hong Kong who might now be ready for him just yet.He’s bringing a force that may need a little more stirring before the nation is ready to embrace such a radical awesome young and fresh soul.  So if not 2020 as a frontliner, his time on the mic is coming.  I feel as though millions of people already know him for the spark he’s ignited, but the fire is yet to come.  You Go Joshua!  Everyone else might not be, but your generation is ready.  Bring it.   

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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