My Wellness Routine – How I Make It All Happen

Making shit happens takes work. It takes dedication and focus. It takes discipline and commitment and yes a lot of hardwork.

And you’ve heard all of this so I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, however what I must tell you is that this is one part of it, one aspect of it.

The other aspect is your vitality. Your wellness is what really makes it all come together. The more committed you are to being healthy and on top of your mind, body and soul game the more productive you can be.

We are incredibly capable. We are capable of so much and there are obviously some who seem to be superhuman in a sense, just crushing it on huge levels.

So while a lot of us who spend our lives inspired and inspiring share a lot of motivation tips and share about inspiration and staying positive and all of that, there’s something that is not shared as mightily that I think is actually one of the greatest components to life and success.

And that is Wellness.

What is wellness really? What does it entail?

There’s so much out there for us to tap into and so much good we can put into our minds, bodies and souls.

And that is the magic secret I believe to living your ultimate life.

It’s what we do to feed our minds, bodies and souls.

Wellness entails so much, but so little effort once you tap into that well of goodness. It’s energy. Once you get going on that path you feel the power of it. You at times depending on what you employ may feel the benefits instantaneously.

Change up your diet and you may feel great immediately. Add a littler turmeric tea to your daily routine and find certain symptoms you may have had just dissipate over night.

Wellness is that powerful. So many different avenues to take, but you want to just begin however small with even one step and you are bound to feel the power.

How nourished are you internally? Are you keeping in balance? Are you in alignment with your higher self and what your body is telling you?

Are you maintaining physical fitness and and do you feel optimally sound?

Are you working up a sweat and giving your body what it wants and craves?

Your body is ready at all times. Put it to the test and you will see how remarkable it is. Your body responds. Whatever you want of it, it will give back, much like life?

Are you doing the soul work?

Are you taking 5-10 minutes, the longer the better to keep silence, meditate? Are you rejuvenating your mind and being mindful?

Are you working yourself to the bone? Are you nourishing your body with nutrients, good fats, whole foods, grains, berries and all of that goodness?

This is wellness. Are you tapping into positive frequencies and elevating your own frequency?

Are you taking time for your higher self to go deeper with yourself?

This is wellness.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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