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Emotional Support and Mental Wellness From Our Pets
Emotional Support and Mental Wellness From Our Pets

We all go through some mental health challenges during different phases of our life. But are medications the only promising solution to mental wellness? Luckily, the answer is NO.

People who keep close connections with animals will know the pleasing aura of the presence of animals around them. Getting new directions to treat illnesses and upgrading our wellness has become so much easier now; thanks to the advanced era we are living in.

Mental illnesses such as anxietydepressionPTSD, dementia, etc are some of the dominating illnesses of the current world. Typically, people with such mental health challenges either go through some time consuming as well as costly psychological treatments or use addictive drugs. Better therapeutic solutions such as Emotional Support Animals can save you from all of the unnecessary mess.

Firstly, let’s have a brief introduction to what Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are and how the terms pet and ESA differ.


Emotional Support Animals are categorized as legally documented pets that provide support and companionship to those who are mentally unstable. Those who are suffering from any psychological disorders seek help from ESAs as a new way to treat mental health issues. On the other hand, pets are not necessarily owned for psychological treatment purposes.

In case you are not familiar with what it is to be around animals, you might doubt the advantages of ESAs for your mental health. There is so much scientific evidence regarding the positive effects of Emotional Support Animals on your life. In fact, use of ESAs for mental health has become a rising trend now. Therapists and psychiatrists believe that your ESA can heal your mind to mitigate various systems of mental disabilities.


After a brief intro, it is time to make this article worth your time. Emotional Support Animals can do much more wonders to your mental health and wellness. Let’s see how:


Suffering from mental illness can be greatly regarded as emptiness. Most of us who suffer from mental illnesses experience haunting loneliness and hatred at some points in our lives. Emotional Support Animals have the tendency to cure that. Imagine a fluffy dog swirling around you and helping you fall asleep at nights when anxiety tries to habor.

Your ESA can amazingly contribute to fulfill your life with love and compassion with zero demands in return. Not only for your mental health, but love and compassion are must for your overall health too. A greater advantage is that with such happy ESA vibes around you, you will be more enthusiastic towards your life. 


Did you know that low-self esteem roots anxiety and depression? Might seem like an ordinary statement but low self-esteem can really kill the remaining hope for a healthy life  in you. 

First thing you must seize to kick-start your mental health treatment journey is high self-esteem. Low self-esteem and its impact on your recovery chances has a lot to do with your mental health. Once you get to live with someone providing you genuine support and liveliness, you will have your hopes high for a healthy life full of joy. 


 How is your Emotional Support Animal related to your socializing? This might confuse you but isolation is caused by an ongoing depression and anxiety cycle. The more you feel anxious and depressed, the more you isolate yourself. 

Your Emotional Support Animal will be there to break that cycle for you. Isolation can literally kill. So, why not choosing a joyful life present from your ESA instead of a depressing death? Take an example of an Emotional Support dog. These four-legged friends have the tendency to attract people. In this way you can make some like-minded friends!

 A quick fact: Isolation isn’t only experienced by youngsters. Research shows that elderly people are also suffering from mental illnesses caused by loneliness and an isolated life.


 A sense of goal gives meaning to life. Once you own an ESA, your responsibility is to take care of it. Being responsible and thoughtful about the presence of an Emotional Support Animal in your life can help you move towards a goal oriented life. Such ongoing activity will ensure that your mind is diverted from any negativity that drags you into depression and anxiety. 


Your mental health treatment needs constant support, indeed. You may have lots of friends and family members, but their inconveniences are always understandable. One of the most benefiting attributes of Emotional Support Animals is that they are reliable and can be present every time you need support. Once you get your ESA letter, you will be allowed to keep your ESA with you anywhere.  

It is important to know that if you are a US citizen and own an ESA for your mental wellness, you must have an ESA letter. You must go through requirementand procedures to get an Emotional Support Animal letter to avoid inconveniences at public places like airports, hospitals, etc. This letter will also work as a license to own an ESA in rented accommodations.

Mental health challenges are, no doubt, difficult to tackle on your own. With an advanced approach to mental health treatment like an ESA, you can expect a relieving outcome from your mental health treatment plan. 


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