The Sleeping Are Forced To Awaken – The Beauty of Tyranny

The sleeping are forced to awaken and this is the simple beauty of tyranny.  I’ve been taught through all of my different self work, self realization practices to always find the positive, always look to the light in the darkness in the here and now I’m offered up a perfect opportunity to do just that.

Despite the horrific reality of what has been transpiring across this great nation there is a lovely aspect to it.  The people are waking up and rising up.  People are being emboldened good and bad, but with great fervor awakening.  

And while tempers may boil a new debate is taking place.  And while it may not all be good there is a great amount of good coming out of this new bad.  And new set of voices is rumbling in city halls and town halls across districts far and wide.  

Voices are harking for fairness and equality.  The silent quiet ones who were opinion-less for so long are now bringing loud and meaningful opinions to the fore. Passions are awakening and we are being forced to speak up.  We are being forced into a revolutionary awakening.  We are coming together in unity and solidarity for peace and justice.  

We are together voicing our intolerance for ignorance and tyranny.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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