Pollyanna – The World Is Not So Why Are You?

Pollyanna is not the world.  While it is admirable to be optimistic, hopeful, bright eyed and bushy tailed there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.Life requires balance.  While optimism alone is a remarkably powerful thing too much can be a not good thing.I know people who are very Pollyanna.  They only like happy things.  They don’t like talking about sad things.  And for these people, my heart goes out.Life is not all happy go lucky.  And while I love happy things and a small naive part of me wishes everything was always great and dandy.  That wiser part of me who reads and is an existentialist searching for greater meaning knows the world does not work this way.Life is not perfect and beautiful and joyous all the time.  It’s at times a dark sticky mess.  At times it’s full of despair and grave circumstances out of our control.It’s at times full and abundant.  The more we can be in acceptance of life’s ups and downs the more rhythmic it becomes.For those who are uncomfortable with sadness and unhappy things, I offer it up as an opportunity to understand life on a deeper level.If we cannot sit with pain, ours or others we are missing out on a chance to live a deep and meaningful life.  It is in these deep and heartfelt exchanges, it’s in the connecting on a heart level with people that life gives life.While we might thrive in the joy we are missing out on the deeper understanding and meaning of life.For those who struggle with sadness or life at times being unhappy, there are powerful ways to deal.  Sadness is not a choice.  It’s a tool that if we learn to sit with powerfully will not only elevate our consciousness but make us a better more empathetic and more depth-full human being.We will come to understand life in a more profound way.  We will no longer have to fun from things which are sad and people who might be having challenges in their life.  We will no longer need to close others out because of our own insecurities.  Instead we will be in acceptance and show up as powerful people in their lives not making everything about us, but exercising sympathy and empathy and in the end a better human being for it.  We are here to love and live powerfully.  If we are not connecting with people in their good times, bad times and sad times then we are gravely missing the point.Don’t know how to deal with your or someone else’s sadness?  Needing tips on how to deal with it more powerfully?Check out this great article – Healthy Ways To Deal With Sadness.   

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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