Tao Geomancy With Vedic Master Stephen Quong

Tao Geomancy explained with vedic master Stephen Quong. Learning to move and direct energy to clear a space can be a powerful way to cleanse an area of negativity.

Tao Geomancy. It’s a fascinating subject if you’re in to that sort of thing and if you’re here then you probably are. And that’s good because that’s where all the magic happens. I believe in magic. Do you?

Tao Geomancy is a complex means by which energies can be directed and redirected. They can be cleansed or cleared all together. A practitioner, who is trained and attuned to this ability to sense and clear can sense the energies and then clear away and cleanse the space.

So I have the good pleasure of knowing a master and sage in this arena. I’ve learned a lot from him through his teachings, interactions and encounters by way of an Astrological reading. Meet, Stephen Quong a Vedic Master and Astrologer.

I first met him for a reading. And the accuracy of the reading he did for me several years ago and the precision with which it was delivered is poetic. And what is remarkable is most of what I was told is now weaving its way through my life. He was spot on. He is a great sage in this world and was called to teach it and deliver it so beautifully that it comes out as a poem of one’s life.

The astrological reading I received from him along with his depth of knowledge and beautifully articulated delivery of it via mp3 was nothing short of awesome.

I just revisited the reading not too long ago to discover all of these years later many of the things he’d seen and described in my “blueprint” as he likes to call it have happened and are transpiring and materializing as we speak.

After getting his Bachelors at Cal several decades back he made his way to India in his twenties. Drawn to the rich culture and vast elements of spirituality he found himself as a direct disciple of Anandamayi Ma. This in and of itself is extraordinary.

They say in Indian culture when you sit with the Guru you become the Guru.

And this is how Umananda (his name given to him by his master), Stephen Quong felt about Anandamayi and this is how I feel about him.

He went on to study with some of the greatest teachers in Vedic Astrology and has been practicing ever since.

However that is only one part of his practice. He also teaches Feng Shui and through a long lineage of teachers was trained and anointed in Tao Geomancy. Many of these ancient practices are past down from the Master to the disciple, and generation to generation.

It comes from the Master. It’s not a methodology that is readily taught or even readily available. Very few people are given this gift to be able to tap into a higher space to learn and transform. You’re on a higher plane so to speak, frolicking with the Gods. I say this with the utmost respect.

I’ve seen beings perform miracles and I can promise you those miracles were straight from the Gods. Those performing them are not Gods, but simply conduits to delivering the miracles.

Tao Geomancy and the practice of it is taught by Masters and passed down and Stephen Quong is one of the chosen ones.

He doesn’t take this lightly at all and feels very blessed to have been chosen. Some of those who are chosen have greater ability to clear and disseminate than others dependent on how and the lineage by which you receive the anointing.

It’s the practice of feeling and sensing super natural energies connected to the earth, land or a piece of property.

And those trained in it through a deep lineage such as Stephen Quong are masters of coming into a space, sensing and clearing.

Picking up on the energy, generally not good energy that is lingering and hindering the more positive aspects of that space.

This is just a little intro here.

Recently he was kind enough to take the time out to speak to me and answer my questions on Tao Geomancy. Check out my interview with him below.


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