Energy Is Everything – Everything Is Energy

Energy is everything.  In every little atom and every little cell lives energy.  In every thought and every manifestation lives energy.  There is nothing in our reality or god’s creation that does not hold, store, manifest, create or magnify energy.  Energy is what we are all made of.  Energy is what the entire universe is composed of.  Energy is where it all begins. So with that knowing it is ever more important to emanate only positive energy based in love.  Energy can come in forms good and bad and travels and dispels into the auric fields around us so expending negative thoughts and negative energy is bad not only for the collective, but our own cosmic consciousness.  Love is based in beautiful energy that comes from the light and resounds more bright light and as that powerful and positive frequency travels it magnifies into a beautiful cosmic wave of life and peace and serenity.  It travels and manifests into more love and turns into even brighter light.  It is the greatest gift we can give not only to the universe, but ourselves because the same wave of  energy that we send off is cyclical, interconnected and ever present.  It’s a part of that beautiful wave of energetic life force and chi that comes back around much more powerful and more magnified to illuminate us and all of those around us.  Let it be based in love.  

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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