Falling Into Grace

9808992So I just finished an incredible book right now.  I started reading it initially about two months ago and then put it down.  I had a synchronistic something happened that forced me to pick it back up again.  Super Soul Sunday happened.  Yes it’s a little  weird to admit I do indeed from time to time watch super soul sunday.  This past Sunday’s Super Soul Sunday just so happened to be featuring the author Adyashanti.  WOW.  For more on Adyashanti.  Ok so this man is one of the most eloquent people I’ve ever heard.  He was an absolute living embodiment of peace and evolution.  He has transformed and awoken to an incredible state.  Oh how I wish I could be like him.  I’m working on it.  He really had arrived and was sitting their speaking to Oprah in a way I had never witnessed before.  He was fully present and fully awake.  He had a presence of mind I had not witnessed.  His delivery and command of mindfulness  was quite bestowing to witness.  So of course I had no choice, but to return to the book.  I now had all the confirmation I needed.  This was a must read.  And I’m glad I did.  ‘Falling Into Grace’ touches on a matter and aspect of life that very few authors or writers speak to in this way.  It’s simplifies something so complex.  It’s about allowing mindfulness to take over your day to day in a way that our mere presence and embodiment of who we are in every moment becomes easy and simplified.  The book talks about eloquence of existentialism and living gracefully, peacefully and fully in the present.  It’s really a must  read for those interested in transformation or exploring the path to higher consciousness and mindfulness.  As a practitioner of mindfulness this was a manual I cannot believe I’ve gone without for so long.  It’s such a hard to come by philosophy that so few practice in our day to day lives.  It is seldom you meet someone who can very easily blend beauty, compassion, mindfulness and grace fully.  This is in no way is an easy task, but with a little understanding and guidance can be truly achieved.  I hadn’t considered it in the simplistic terms Adyashanti describes.  It really creates a possibility that is absolutely within reach.  I’m so excited to have delved further with this insightful book and very much look forward to rereading it and his other works.  Now on a mission to see him speak.  How lucky am I?  He’s from the bay area too!!!To find the book or see his other titles.  

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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