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Space Colonization | Will It Ever Happen?

Space colonization seems like a novel idea, but maybe we’re not too far out after all. Perhaps it’s in the cards for us mere mortals?
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Space colonization is the fanatical idea that one day we might find human beings occupying or colonizing space, much like they’ve done here on earth.

Taking over even. Rovers rolling around. Start dust coming off the ethers and people living in space.

What would that look like? Would we be wearing space suits? Is there enough of the right kind of air for us to breathe? Would we need oxygen tanks and helmets?

Would we look like astronauts?


What is space colonization – to get really technical according to Wikipedia – “Space colonization (also called space settlement or extraterrestrial colonization) is the hypothetical permanent habitationand exploitation of natural resources from outside planet Earth. As such it is a form of human presence in space, beyond human spaceflight or operating space outposts.”


Elon Musk is making strides when it comes to space with his SpaceX venture. He’s poured millions of his own money and owes backers a few hundred million more. He’s hopeful we will see it come to life in a big way in our lifetime. I’m a millennial so that’s saying something.

He intends on making space flight cost effective and a possibility for everyone and of course that would include our ability to occupy Mars. Ambitious I must say, but hey why not?

Besides he thinks earth is a little crowded.


While it’s not altogether impossible, it would be difficult. However exponential advances in technology have made just about anything possible including the potential to occupy mars.

We run the risk of quite frankly not making it. We’d need suits, yes. And should our space suit become damage, oh Nelly. We’d be in a little trouble, let’s say.

And unfortunately our ability to be treated on Mars would be nil since the first Mars Hospital has not been established yet.

Here’s a another problem the atmosphere is made of made of carbon dioxide which is 100 times thinner than Earth’s atmosphere. The composition is very different as well, but just the air being so thin would make it impossible for us mere mortals to breathe and survive out there


Pro – Survival of the human species. Perhaps over time we too may become extinct if this is the only planet we occupy, much like the dinasour. Theory has it that it would benefit our species to occupy mars for our own ultimate survival and avoid extinction of the human race.

Pro – Life May Improve Through Discovery On Other Planets. Much like the Hubble telescope that provided blurry images from space. They worked on correcting that technical mishap and correction and technological advancement ultimately lent themselves to an algorithm in the medical field allowing doctors to x-ray and detect breast cancer.

Con – Contaminating Mars. There is no question the human species can lend greatly to corrosion and corruption of the natural order. Climate change is the greatest example we have of how we humans have caused detrimental impact on our planet through exhaustive carbon emissions. And many still don’t seem to get it irrespective of all of the proof, i.e., fires, warmer weather, record breaking temperatures.

Con – Not Cost Effective and Potentially Monetarily Unfeasible. So there is no doubt that the cost of occupying the red planet would be to the moon and back it may be so exorbitant it might be altogether fruitless. And yes Elon Musk is hard at working dreaming big dreams and building out his SpaceX venture to make space flight more affordable, but building habitats, exporting food, building hospitals and all of the things we need for our ultimate survival might be totally unrealistic. Probably not in any of our lifetimes.


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