The Art of Giving – The Ultimate Gift

The Art of Giving is the ultimate gift to ourselves.  When we give we receive.  When I am selfless and I do for you my heart is filled with abundance and joy.  I am filled with light from the cosmos and I am the true recipient of love.  In this giving I’m whole and aligned with my heart and my soul.  In seeing the joy and gratitude of another my heart magnifies warmth and love in ways I am not able when I receive.  In giving my heart is so much more fulfilled.  The feeling of abundance fills me with complete and utter gratitude for the opportunity to offer myself in selfless ways to another.  When we give just because we love someone or care for them their reception of our offering is magnified and amplified.  They are not expecting anything, but the sincerity and graciousness in their receipt will fill us with joy we cannot find in such magnitude in any other way. In giving I am made whole.  It is a way of sustaining love and light in our universe.  In the ways we give we are offering ourselves in authenticity and entirety from the depths of our being.  This is an offering most long for, but hardly ever receive. When we give we bring light and love in the most powerful way.  The recipient is the by product of the joy.  Really we the giver are the ones who are filled with love and contentment beyond measure.  We are the ones who receive the most.  Let us be more conscious of giving and let us be willing to give more and more of ourselves and our hearts.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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