Be Centered In Self Versus Self Centered

Be centered in self versus self centered is the ultimate way to be, but how do we get to a place of wholeness?  How do we become centered in self?  I think to become aware and present are the first necessary steps to centering ourselves.  When we step into the present and become aware of this we are better able to tap into a greater awareness.  When we align with our higher selves we are able to better exercise compassion and make it less about ourselves.  Compassion is one of the greatest ways for us center ourselves.  Through compassion we can allow for weighted awareness of others and this is an exceptional grounding technique that roots us in source rather than ego.  It is the through the love of other sentient beings we truly love ourselves.  When we operate from a higher place we put others first.  This allows us to manifest, detach and become whole in ways we cannot otherwise.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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