Whatever You Seek God Has Put Near You or Next To You

Whatever you seek is there.  It is perhaps right near you or right next to you.  So many times in life we go outside of ourselves, our environments, our families, our friends in search of something greater.  The grass is certainly not greener on the other side.  The blades might be sharper.  The grass might be longer, thicker, eluding, but not greener.  What we seek is near and has been placed near us for a reason.  We don’t realize those around us are here for an innate reason, for our ultimate betterment really.  However it is in our seeking that perhaps we come to some greater understanding of the truth.  Those near us and around us are not just so.  They are there with important roles, lessons, offerings for our ultimate soul development.  It is such a sad reality that we keep ourselves and those around stunted in our misguided perceptions of our greatest and ultimate truth. The very greatest and most ultimate truth lies within us and among us, with the friends and family, perhaps who push our buttons the most.  It is the difficult loved ones who are our greatest teachers.  It is the challenging friends and family who are set on our path for our awakening.  We must seek a greater understanding of the relationships we’ve been born into and linked to.  Why are these people here?  What are they here to teach me?  What can I teach them?  How can we both make one another better?  How do I leverage this relationship and catapult myself to greatness and a better me?  This is when our relationships begin to evolve and we begin to evolve.  Our relationships are the very essence of life. It’s with this profound knowing that life begins to take shape and offer up a deeper, not on the surface meaning.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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