It Doesn’t Get Beto Than This – Beto O’Rourke Taking America To New Heights

It doesn’t get Beto than this. Beto O’Rourke is taking America to new heights.With all too familiar Kennedyesque mannerisms and charm Beto O’Rourke is well on his way to a political legacy.  His eye on the prize.  A mover and a shaker he’s full steam ahead bringing enthusiasm and excitement to the race and to the political landscape that governs Texas’s more than 200 counties.  Pledging to hit each one of those counties knowing he’ll be face to face with a lot of opposition.  O’Rourke is single-handedly bringing Obama type Hope.  He’s giving his party what it’s sorely missing right now.  And giving Texas maybe something it’s never had.  Giving us his commanding presence, charisma, and confidence to lean on while he leads on.  And now Texas is starting to swing potentially.  In big numbers putting him within striking distance of Ted Cruz.  What looked like a longshot is now beginning to look more like an absolute shot at a seat in the Senate.  His supporters and admirers are optimistic his brand of political savvy will take him and inevitably us far.  Maybe even turning Texas blue.I see well beyond this senate race.  I see into the future a President in the making.  I see the obvious signs of a political heavyweight and the O’Rourke dynasty coming into being one generation at a time.  Beto O’Rourke, named Robert goes by Beto from growing up in Texas and being called Beto or Berto for short.  His father a former judge, and now Beto with his very small wrap sheet not letting it slow him one bit.  His light will shine much brighter than his illustrious past.  As he blazes a destined path to an incredilbe future legacy that one day we’ll look back at admiringly.  Call my intuitiveness, but there are some things in life you just know you know.  This is one of those times I can clearly see O’Rourke a charming and destined to be famous type of guy with political savvy to boot.  We are witnessing here the early makings of a soon to be President I presume.  In the here and now a politician gaining a lot of steam and more and more admirers each day along the way.  Beto’s legacy will also be his children, the eldest a boy named Ulysses.  By chance?  No.  More like fate.He’s setting his sights on the senatorial race, but I see much bigger sights for this dapper hip politician.  He’s young, he’s hip, semi chiseled, semi good looking, he rides a skateboard and he knows the language and articulates it in that raspy prophetic voice.  He’s speaking to generations not just his own.  He’s pulling on the hopes and fears of baby boomers and tugging on the heartstrings of Gen X.  A force to be reckoned with, Beto took center stage when asked about his feelings on Kaepernick and other NFL’ers taking a knee.  With the poise of a diplomat and the praise of an anointed soon to be famous legendary King, X or Kennedy he made his case.  One measured word at a time.  No pause, just poise.  Ever so eloquently and ever so convincingly.  With calm and conviction, presence and power he conveyed his feelings on the matter.  He didn’t shy away from the touchiness of the subject, he didn’t sugar coat, but he brought diplomacy to it.  He said very profoundly and peacefully making it a welcome idea that it would be perfectly fine for us to disagree on the matter.  That’s the diplomacy lacking in today’s Whitehouse.  This is the diplomacy that is desperately needed in today’s politics.Beto on why freedom of speech and peaceful protests are necessary and ok.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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