What Will It Be Like After The Pandemic – I’m Feeling Hopeful

The cold breezy air is blowing in. Winter is upon is or is it actually here already? For us on the west coast it’s drastic. Having such great weather year round when the cold does come we feel it, immensely.

It’s a different sort of cold this year. The frost and chill seem dark and eerie even. The looming spike and surge in Coronavirus cases makes it feel so daunting.

I question how responsibility can amount to safety versus bad luck even for someone who has practiced total vigilance. How are the chosen – the ones who will contract versus the ones who don’t actually chosen? Does it literally just boil down to being careful and vigilant? Is that all it takes? Or is there more to it? I’m not certain, but I ponder these things.

We’ve been locked down, hold up and don’t get out much. Obviously a store run here and there, a little take out on occasion, but even scaling that back lately as things seem to be getting worse exponentially.

It seems still after all of these months – a year now since the virus touched down here in the states – there are far more questions than answers.

I wonder if I’d even take the vaccine, need it. I am a yogi after all. I meditate and breathe religiously. It’s a part of my daily routine so my lungs are strong. This I know. There are other parts of me that are strong as well. Life has made me that way. A lot of hardships along the way – give you the grit and tenacity to get through it – and not just get through it – but make it awesome. Own that power of mine through all my hardships – that’s how I go about my days.

I have little time to feel sorry for myself between my writing and the training, helping others.

I’m working diligently to get my non-profit overseas. It’s a big part of my calling, helping children, exactly why I didn’t have any of my own. God had it all sorted out for me long before I did.

And I’m good with it. I’m perfectly content. The trauma made me hard in all the right ways, toughened me up so I could take all of life’s blow, but the hurt and grief has softened me on the other end to keep the love and faith alive inside of me, keep my heart feeling. A hardened heart can be bad for the soul.

I love more now as a result of the hard stuff so they’ve all been good omens thus far. Even the trauma has taught me so much about myself and the unpredictability of life. It’s never constant so expect change always. Be fluid.

I wonder what it will be like for us as we enter the age of Aquarius – a beautifully inviting time to enter. We are at the cusp of powerful change as a collective. We are inching towards oneness.

I’m even seeing smiles through masks now. The first several months were just very strange as we milled about for that errand, masked up, smiling behind the mask, getting only frowns back. Everyone was so disconnected, not making eye contact, walking about zombie like.

I’m a people person so not talking to people is a strange thing for me. Even strangers are my friends in most encounters. I exude warmth because I connect on a heart level, human to human with those around me. I’ve spent years in reflection and I’m of a spiritual and consciousness bent. I see our similarities far more than I ever see our differences.

It’s no surprise I’m thrilled beyond measure to welcome in a huge cosmic shift with Aquarius here now. The attributes of Aquarius are pretty lovely. Aquarius invites us to be more kind, more loving, more humanity focused – my placements of Aquarius are strong in my natal chart so I feel the shift in tremendous ways.

It’s about the greater good. It’s more about doing for others and working together – kind of like the African philosophy of Ubuntu.

This is my kind of era. It’s about love, and connectivity, the One Consciousness and when we begin elevating our awareness and leaning into that we will see the power of loving and connecting with others. There’s a deeper joy in this philosophy.

This way of being gives us so much more to work with, lean into.

So while I’m not certain how long before this vaccine arrives – yes I know there have been a lot of estimates and guesstimates about where and when and who goes first, I’m still on the fence with it all.

What I am more concerned about is how powerfully transformed will all be when we can get back to living and being like before? No masks, connecting to those around us, strangers, loved ones, the barista, the hostess in loving and jovial ways.

Will we as a collective smile more, breathe deeper, be more at ease? Will be more open to others and more receptive to humanity? Will we be changed in the most powerful ways and feel less guarded? Will we all live in greater gratitude for the freedom that will open us to each other again? Will we be in greater presence from moment to moment?

I’m not sure, but I’m hopeful.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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