Empathy – The Power Of Compassion

Empathy, the power of compassion is perhaps the greatest gift we can give not only to others, but ourselves.  A deeper knowing comes upon us when we learn the power of putting others first.It’s what we’d want if we were hurting.  When we are in pain we seek only the empathy of others.  When others are hurt around us it is the most powerful way of being.  In empathy we find love.  In empathy we find peace and solace.  In empathy we find our own power.  It is through compassion for others we understand life in a much greater way.  In this way of being we are able to connect to people in a way that is so heartfelt and moving it can only elevate our awareness and consciousness and inevitably those around us.  We are received so magnificently when we come from a place of heartfelt love, compassion and empathy.  We connect in ways God wants us to connect.  We are one with those around us when we feel them, their pain, their sorrow.  We can act in accordance of our very essence, our true nature, love.  We are so much greater for this.  I’m a better human being and a more appreciated human being because of  acts of empathy.  I take myself out of the equation when someone is angry or upset and instead come from a place of higher awareness.  I feel their pain and sorrow and not their anger and resentment.  I hear their suffering and I render them defenseless.In empathy I see the world with eyes of love.  In compassion I feel you and allow you to feel me.  We are friends, we are co-existers and we are in this together.  I get your hurt and you see nothing, but love emanating from me.  We connect in a way that only through empathy we could.  We are one, not two. You see me as a human being who is nonjudgmental, loving and caring.  I see you as a human being who is hurting, aching and needing care.  We offer up love to one another.  What could be more powerful than this?

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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