The Oddities Of My Existence – Oh My Oh My


The Oddities of my existence are quite conspicuous.  How bizarre?  A life so strange.  

What existence is this that I lead?  There are so many twists and turns.  I just keep getting burned.  

I feel the heat before it hits me.  I can feel it coming.  

There’s a sensation at my feet.  My fingertips twitching at the sense of the energy starting in my direction.  

I feel the negative frequencies a mile away.  Reiki has most certainly heightened my perceptions.  

My consciousness so much more in tune and in alignment with so much that is afar.  The positive flow most certainly deflects so much of the negativity trying to make it’s way at me.  

No.  Stop right there.  Don’t come near me.  I don’t do bad energy.  

Love only.  Love is the highest frequency, the only option.  

Haters exit stage left please.  I won’t entertain the hate.  Not for even a second.  

Ignorance is hardly bliss.  Just the thought of negativity makes me squeamish.  It’s such a sad way of being. Hopeless really.  

Such an easy concept, but so difficult for so many people to grasp.  When we are positive we thrive.  

We jive.  We feel alive.  When we are sad and mopey we feel so dopey and can’t copey.

It’s simple.  Please get it world.  Get it now or be gone from my universe.  

Depart from my circumference.  Leave me be.  Love and live and let live.  

Be peaceful.  Practice love.  Practice joy.  Start by practicing smiling.  Smiling leads to even more joy.  

It’s contagious. It’s happening.  How weird this life?  How strange the circumstances of my being?  

How did I end up here?  This is not where I was headed.  Who did I follow?  What lies did I believe?  Who lead me down this trail of confusion?  

I can’t see past the delusion.  How fake and phony.  What a bunch of don’t you know me’s.  I can’t even believe I’m here.  

How dare I be so oblivious?  

Who do I blame for the bullshit?  

What is happening?  

What happened to my life?  

Help me.

 - We Exist only as we wish. we live from the space we hold in our minds.s.dhillon

We Exist only as we wish. we live from the space we hold in our minds.


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