How Awesome? I Discovered A Little Free Library Today!

These are the synchronicities I’m always referring to.  The more I look for awesome things in my environment and surroundings the more I find them.  This is truly the law of the universe.  The more you believe and have faith in awesomeness the more it appears before you.  The more we believe the more easily it begins to manifest in our world in the most awesome ways.  The more I honor and cherish the  abundance of awesomeness all around me the more I see it or find it, but a lot of times it seems as though it’s finding me.So today I’m out for a bite.  I park.  Meet, greet and eat.  Come back to my car and to my surprise I’m standing in front of a “Little Free Library.”  What?  I never knew of these little libraries.  And I’m an avid reader.  Did I just find the cutest little thing EVER?  A little library.  Yes!  The size of a bird house.  A little library conveniently situated in a darling little neighborhood in Berkeley.  Adorable and totally at your disposal.  It’s free and accessible to all.  It promotes reading and makes it very convenient.  One is encouraged to take a book at his or her leisure and leave one behind if you so choose, but inevitably return the one you’ve borrowed in due time if you so choose.  You don’t have to, but I personally think you should.DSC00445It’s a pretty awesome little notion. A pop-up library. It’s also so astounding to think that members of a local neighborhood can contribute and all partake in such a novel idea. You can grab a free book on your way home. It’s philosophy is built on trust and community. You trust your neighbors to not trash the little library. You trust your neighbors read and are enlightened and learned. And you trust your neighbors will give back. And they do.  And it works.  What a wonderful concept?   To live among a great little community of givers and receivers and contributors and readers. How awesome is that?  And not knowing what you’ll find when you come back to return your book or collect another.  A heartening idea to say the least.  People in the neighborhood all contribute with delight and gratitude to continue the upkeep of their very own little library nestled in some little front yard of some cute little house on their block.  What’s even more awesome?  Anyone can start their own little free library at anytime if they so desire.  For more on how this all began and where and how you can contribute visit

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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