I Met A Most Remarkable And Selfless Woman

Earlier this week I was invited to a women’s Reiki share by my Reiki Grandmaster.  I knew nothing of the meet up, but that my Grandmaster whom I adore and admire had requested I come and assist her with some healings for a group of women.  Denying the offer was not an option so I gladly accepted and made myself available.  The group was small, seven of us total.  There was my Grandmaster and myself the two healers of the bunch and the other five women, each with their own problems, ailments, issues.  It was the one woman, the most pained of us all who left me feeling moved, touched, sad, hopeful and inspired.  I won’t mention her by name, but will say that she radiated a sort of light all around her.  She was beaming from the moment she walked in.  She was bubbly, cheery, upbeat, giggling and laughing.  One could never imagine or perceive the woman living with morbid immeasurable pain day to day.  Then she began to share her story of a horrific accident that left her immobile.  Doctors said she would be paralyzed.  She had had five surgeries on her spine and had a metal rod and plates in her back.  The pain she told us was insurmountable at times and left her completely immobile on occassion.  She described in detail the agonizing days after each surgery and the fact that she is still very much recovering and very much in pain.  As I listened intently I couldn’t help, but take notice of the fact that she is very calm and collected.  She seems to have come to some place of peace on a deeper level about her experience and living in  daily physical agony.  She was beyond victimhood.  There was no “woe is me” in her.  She never lets off that she’s mad at the world.  She at no point wants us to feel sorry for her, nor does she ever express any form of self pity.  She is lively despite her circumstances.I was at the Reiki share for less than two hours and towards the end she and I engage in an intense conversation about compassion.  Her friend mentions she has a non-profit and helps people in India.  By this point I am beyond intrigued at this most incredible woman before me.  She’s pained physically, at times immobile and unable to walk, get out of bed or take care of her own children, yet when God does give her the strength, on her strong days she is determined to help others.  She says it is her calling and she can’t stand to see people in need or pain.  I was totally awe-struck by the selfishness and her gratitude for life.  She at one point beaming even tells me how lucky and fortunate she is to be able  to help others.I knew intuitively I needed to go to the Reiki share because I was going to receive information.  I didn’t know what, but I knew before hand there would be information for me there.  It was the information and insights I would receive from her.As I got into my car and drove away I began to think of what it was about this woman.  It’s as if she was beyond her years, an old soul.  Was she righting wrongs from a past life? Was she clearing up karma with all of her good deeds?  There was something more to it.  It was much deeper.  How could someone so pain ridden be so focused on the pain of others?  Was her pain so alive it made her totally conscious to the pain of others that she could not ignore it?  What was the drive behind it?  Nonetheless it was remarkable.  I was so blown away by her.  The fact that she lives in such pain, yet has such awareness.  She did not make this life about her and her pain.  It’s as if she’s on a mission to make sure no one feels sorry for her.  She doesn’t want the attention.  It’s not about her.  It’s about the bigger world and their pain and suffering.  Wow!  I’m so fortunate to have had that brief time with her, learning her story and receiving the lesson she was sent to deliver to me.  She is a remarkable gift and light in this world.  We need more like her.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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