Justice In Heaven – Ruth Bader Ginsberg – A Tribute


“I think that men and women, shoulder to shoulder, will work together to make this a better world.””

— Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Every so often a giant comes along – no matter their physical stature, but the will and the might.

They are larger than life and they shape us and the world we live in. They leave a heavy imprint on humanity and the leave their mark in powerful and etching ways.

RBG is that giant. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies At 87.

Gone, but never forgotten her legacy, massive.

Breaking barriers, overcoming the greatest suffering surviving and thriving. There is much to be learned from her and her life.

Her resilience. Her ability to teach herself that life goes on and you must be strong. This is the greatest advice I’ve ever been given in my life. You can read that post here.

But Ruth Bader Ginsberg lived by this creed. She embodied it. There were no excuses for her. It didn’t matter, but she would fight on – whether that was one of three battles with cancer – colon cancer, lung cancer and pancreatic cancer not to mention her life long fight for woman’s rights – she would fight on.

She paved her way to the very top of the power chain to wind up a United States Supreme Court Justice – sitting on the bench for 27 years.

Some of the cornerstones of RBG’s legacy:

She was first and foremost a woman’s right’s advocate. With great fervor she fought that fight after her own bouts of discrimination.

She was the force behind the 14th amendment equal protection clause for sex based discrimination. She single handedly paved the way for women’s rights to be taken seriously by the courts and in society.

She was Ruthless in her fight so women would not face gender discrimination This will be her greatest tribute.

She was the leading litigator outlying woman’s rights and gender equality before she was appointed to the Supreme Court.

She’s been an advocate for abortion rights and the face of the movement with millions of admirers for her prowess to lead that fight.

She without question will be remembered as one of the most historic justices. Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy detailed here by the New York Times.

And there is a resilience and brilliance in this that must be emulated in some way. There is human prowess here and a deeper understanding to be learned from.

It’s not just the power card of being one of the most powerful people when you hold that seat of Supreme Court Justice, but it is the grace and resilience, the fortitude with which she did it. Her commitment to continuing on no matter how the chips stack up against you in life.




So for those of us who want to give up and quit, for those of us which is all of us who will have grave struggles in life – let us use this mighty woman as a means of reference for what is possible as human beings.

Let us lean on her for as a pillar of strength and mightiness and let us use her example of what we too can achieve and get through no matter the struggles and the hardships.

Breaking so many barriers and leading the fight for women, the oppressed and the good people who live with courage and morals and do what is just and fair – she is a titan.

There is no other Supreme Court Justice who can fill this void, but her seat will be filled.

She’d been battling health issues and 3 separate ongoing fights with cancer for years, even recently contracting the Corona Virus and for us she seemed larger than life so her death still came as a shock at the age of 87. We figured she’d never die and so while we knew she was getting up there in age and hadn’t been doing well – her iconic status and stature gave us a notion that she would live forever.

And it is with great disheartening despair I mourn not only her loss, but the timing of her loss.

While RBG knew her days where numbered she was keenly aware of what was at stake at her passing. She said this to her granddaughter in her final days.

“My most fervent wish is that I not be replaced until a new president is installed. ”


Giving a huge opportunity for her role to be filled by someone unfit and unbecoming of filling her role. The efforts now for the replacement of RBG in high gear.

I hold on to the sincere belief that RBG will guide us from the sky ensuring justice is being done in heaven down here for the good people still on earth.


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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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