The Complexities Of Life – How To Deal


So in sharing about the complexities of life I like taking a philosophical view.

Because of the extremities and complexities it seems that this way of seeing this offers deeper understanding and more acceptance.

Acceptance is the inevitable factor here.

The first thing as a seeker is wanting to understand how to make sense of it all. From a philosophical stand point I come to the conclusion that not everything will make sense. And applying and ethereal mindset I accept that.

It’s ok. Not everything in life needs to make sense.

So then exploring all of the extremities and complexities we then begin to disect things.

The first thing as a seeker who’s gone inward on a journey of self discovery for more than two decades by way of trauma I’ve come to learn that life is up and down.

it’s a series of ups and downs. It’s hardships and struggles met with joy and wonderment.

It’s painful and egregious and lovely and magical all in one.

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