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Living in Gratitude.  Being in the practice of gratitude can lend itself to sustained joy if we live in that space long enough. Like anything we have to practice it routinely allow it to become habitual.  And the benefits of that are instantaneous. We live in a feeling of not just meaningful joy, but rich contentment.  Being grateful for what we have is one of the greatest ways of being.  It offers us solidity to live from love and allows surrender to know we should.  It’s the grace of gratitude that lifts us up and fills our souls.While I make a concerted effort to live from a place of blessed gratitude every day on this day, Thanksgiving  I’m happy in giving abundant thanks for all of the blessings in my life.I’m lucky for this day and this family.  I’m lucky for all of the warmth, laughter, wit and love.  It’s made me who I am today.  I’m in gratitude for the moment.  I’m in gratitude for my space at the table with my name on it.  My heart whole.  My head and heart full of laughs as food coma sets in from a gourmet home-cooked spread with all of the fixings.  The self-proclaimed and jointly appointed chef extraordinaire did her thing like she always does.  An exceptional baker too.  The deserts out on display only to leave us in utter bliss of a fine evening topped off with decadence and homemade whip cream to boot.  Quite the feast.  For this, I’m also in sincere gratitude.An eclectic bunch, this family.  Warm, fun, fuzzy, intellectuals.  Spiritual, accepting, happy, scholarly, witty as hell and last but not least loving.  And on this day in celebration of not just the holiday, but one another. Living in gratitude and in the moment.  Present, aware, lucky, blessed.  How grateful am I to have such a bunch.  I do not take this for granted and I know on a very deep and aware level how truly lucky I am.  I hope everyone is feeling grateful for something awesome in their life today.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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