Living In The Present – Beautiful Moments

Living in the present is where our power lies.  What else do we have?   It’s through meditation that I have come to the profound realization of nothingness of everything else, but the present moment.  There is nothing else.  Nothing else in this world is substantive.  Everything else other than the present is based in falsehood, desires, hopes, beliefs, wants, the past or the future, but not the very essence of what is, the now.Without now there is nothing.  It is only in the now that we can have power and can exercise substantive thinking and belief.  It is what is.  There is nothing else.  The past is gone and will never return.  Tomorrow is hardly promised, not here and we don’t know what it will bring.  It is not ours for the taking, but a longing. We hope for tomorrow, but why?  Where is the power in hoping for tomorrow when we are not living in the now.  In this very moment we are free to be, to live, to feel, be present, be awake, evolve, transcend, transform, think, create, share, love, live and let live.  This is the moment we should embrace, behold, bestow and owe.  It’s in the now that we have the most power.  It is in the recognition of the now and the power of now that we can conquer, unite, come together, acknowledge, attribute, offer, and have powerfully. Let’s be in the now and not dwell or hope for past or future.  Right here and now is what is.  Nothing else.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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