Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations work.  Napoleon Hill said it best in his best seller written several decades ago, ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’. It’s real.  You become what you think.  When we are pessimistic and think negative thoughts we draw negativity to us.  We truly to attract what we fear.  When we think positive thoughts we draw in positivity.  This is a topic that has been explored, written about and demonstrated for hundreds of years.  Some of the greatest inventors and genius of our time all believed and used to their advantage the power of positive thinking.  All of the greats had visions of greatness.  Their dreams and beliefs for themselves were far greater than their realities.  They visualized their dreams before manifesting them.  Einstein and Bell started with ideas.  There was no electricity and no phone until they were ideas that then inevitably became visions that were manifested into tangible results.  The law of attraction and the secret all speak of the same thing. People who go after what they want with a focused and clear vision will most likely manifest it.  Most millionaires today were not born wealthy, they materialized the wealth through a drive, focus and vision of what they were after.  A great recommended read is Dr. Joe Dispenza’s ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, How To Lose Your Mind and Get a New One’.  Dr. Dispenza a neurologist affirms the brain can be trained and retrained to do as it is told.  He says we first tell the brain what to do and then the body will follow.  His train of thought and methodology for Losing Our Minds and Getting New One’s entails a creative visualization process by which we visualize what we want.  We exercise the visualization on a regular basis over a period of time, eventually visualizing our dreams daily and even several times a day.  He says once we can clearly see in our minds what we want the brain begins to react and create other senses around the vision.  Once we have a clear precise vision in our minds and have spent a considerable amount of time dreaming and seeing more for ourselves we then begin to tap into our other senses.  The brain’s reactors now not only visualize the dream house on the ocean, but you’re other senses are triggered through the brains visualization and eventually you begin to smell the ocean breeze.  Your vision is so pristine you then are able to feel the breeze on your face.  You can now not only see it and feel it, your brain’s reactors then start believing it is real and begin the process of taking action to manifest what you’ve created in your mind.  You then begin taking the steps to manifest the vision that has taken hold in your mind.  Dr. Dispenza says this is exactly how all of the greatest minds manifested greatness.  Simply put their vision for themselves and their lives was far greater than their reality.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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