Being Open To Receiving

Being open to receiving can mean the difference between activating something beautiful and abundant or detracting things from our lives.  When we open ourselves up to others and to universal life force energy we open ourselves up to abundance.  It’s very much like body language.  How we use our bodies to interact with others is a powerful form of communication that shows others how receptive we are and how open we are to them.  When we stand with our arms crossed we generally mean business or we are exemplifying defiance or a boundary of some sort.  When we sit or stand with our arms at our side we are receptive and are relaying defenselessness and a sense of security.When we allow are selves to be open to others there is an abundance of life and transformative energy that we manifest in our realities.   Firstly we open ourselves to energy frequencies and this in and of itself raises our vibration.  We are subconsciously telling the universe we are accepting of others, their ideologies, belief systems, even suggestions.  This also puts us in a state of humility because we no longer have to be in control of what comes and goes.  We don’t have to dictate with firm footing what frequencies we allow in or out.  When we connect with the universe and others on this level we open our minds and our hearts to all sorts of insurmountable beauty in the world.  It is only with closed minds and closed hearts we perceive the world as evil or mischievous and bad.  Yes the world can very much show up in this way, but when we change our belief systems and ideals about how we will interact and respond our world and encounters with it also begin to change.It’s through an enormous amount of inner work, healing and energy work that I’ve come to realize the power of being open to receive.  We all are closed off in some way.  It’s inevitable.  Our experiences, challenges and struggles have forced us to close our authentic selves off to beautiful and sometimes very powerful life changing experiences.  When we decide we’re ready to heal and recover from the wounds of our past and ready to be open to receive the world incredible realizations come in and take hold. When we are receptive is when we become fully aware.  We are letting the universe know we are open to receiving events and experiences that at times can be utterly transformative.  It’s only then that we truly become active participants in our lives.  This is when we become to live fully and  wholeheartedly.  It’s only then that we truly have opened the doors to our total and absolute nature and existence.  It’s in the surrender that we have power and control.  It’s in the letting go of fear that we become brave and powerful.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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