Uncertainty, The Greatest Certainty

There are few things in this life we know for certain.  We are told over and over again to be in the moment.  Live in this moment, NOW.  This is all we have.  I read as much as I can and granted I have a few areas of targeted interest I’m coming to discover that all of the authors, sages and teachers all teach this one thing.  Life is short and the only certainty in this existence is change.  Life can change in the blink of an eye.  Life can present challenges and struggles without notice or fair warning.  Life is a battlefield, yes as is Love.  Life is short, short, short.  And perhaps we take it for granted and perhaps we assume a promised tomorrow.  There is no promised tomorrow.  It’s today, now, here.  That’s all.  This is the little secret, that golden gem that coming up over and over.We cannot live in yesterday.  We must learn from yesterday and use yesterday’s lessons today.  Aside from that, yesterday is gone, no more, never to be.  It does us no good dwelling today on what was.   We have now.  Change is the one constant we can depend on.  It is the only thing we know for sure.  Life will change and present us with things outside of our control.  The more we learn to live in the now, the easier it is to understand the laws of universe.”We must be like water,” says the Dalai Lama.”We should be as subtle, yet as powerful as the wind.  Nature is our greatest teacher.  Leaves fall, rivers flow and seasons change,” are some great insights from a beloved Thich Nhat Hanh.These are words to live by.  These are words to empower us that inevitably we should embrace despite the suggested uncertainty of them.  These are the little golden secrets of life and a deeper understanding of what it truly means to be an existentialist.  There is nothing more.  There are simple rules and laws.  We must flow like water.  In Zen and Buddhist philosophies it is known as the ‘path of least resistance.’ The famous saying,’whatever resists persists,’ is very real.  It’s like energy.  Whatever we focus on we become.  Where ever we draw our attention we manifest.Really in sharing this perhaps it’s an exercise in self realization.  I’m simply reminding myself and reaffirming the many great uncertainties of life.  So much I don’t know, we don’t know, but this we know.Change is the greatest constant and uncertainty the greatest certainty.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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