The Universe Tests Us – Never Break, Never Give Up

The Universe tests us.  That’s what all the ups and downs are about.  That’s why we have to have clear perspective.  When we understand the rhythmic cycles of life we are able to ride the wave.  We can just go with the flow.  Life requires of us many things.  The sheer will to continue when all we want to do is give up, that’s one of the greatest requirements life asks of us on a rather frequent basis.  My Guruji always says “well how would we know joy without sorrow?”  These are words of the wise sages and gurus from centuries and A.D.’s gone by.  It is the tough times that crack us, break us, test us.  These are the opportunities for growth, wisdom, learning and betterment.  If everything was always hunky dory we probably would take most of it for granted.  We would do little to no self reflection because there would be no need for it.  It is in the struggle we rise.  It is in the struggle we cry.  It is after the struggle we fly.  So many of the most amazing people in this world have endured the most unconscionalbe struggles.  It is hard to fathom how after such loss, grief and turmoil they come out on top.  It’s an inner knowing that lifts them up to their greatest.  It is in their depth of understanding they rise and elevate. They know the struggles were challenges offering them to tap into an awakening and an inner greatness.  They know that was life testing them and they did not break.  They did not give up.  Never give up.  Ever.  Eventually you will get there.  Those with the most challenges have the most exceptional characters.  Those with the most setbacks and struggles are the most compassionate and offer so much richness of experience and power to the world.  There’s a really famous saying and it goes like this, “A setback ain’t nothing, but a setup for a comeback.”

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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