We Don’t Find Books – They Find Us

I’ve always been an avid reader.  From a young age I was fascinated with certain books and authors.  I was always intrigued.  As I got older my book collection grew and I became more avid.  I read about a book a week most weeks.  Sometimes two if they were short.This is still the case.  It’s as if the more I read the hungrier I become.  Books are singlehandedly our greatest source of knowledge and information.  The wisdom books carry cannot really be measured or matched by any other source.  While there are great teachers today and wonderful sages we can learn from, sone of the greatest teachers of our time and before our time have come and gown and left behind profound insights we should digest and learn from, grow from.  These lessons were left with one single purpose, the evolution of those who would come across the insights.  All of the greats either wrote books or have been written about.  Their stories are worth reading.I remember being young and getting so excited when I was into a certain subject or person and I’d “coincidentally” find a book by that author or about that topic.  I’d think, “I found it.”  Little did I know the universe knew exactly what I needed at that time.  I did not find the book.  The book found me.  The perfect book will come into our life at the perfect time.  They are like people and circumstances.  They appear and happen when we need them the most.  The universe is wise and abundant.  We are not finding and discovering things.  They are being delivered to us, hand picked and brought to bear.  We need these words, instructions, information, lessons, explanations.  There are no coincidences.  Everything happens at exactly the right time exactly as it is supposed to.  The thought should not be “why did this happen?” Better yet, “what am I supposed to learn from what just happened?”Here’s a great source when I’m just looking for that perfect book.  Good reads has great reviews and tons of recommendations. 

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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