2020 Game Plan – The Strategy For Crushing It


So it’s like they say – wind with no sails or a boat with no direction will surely get stuck at sea.

We are this metaphor.

We need a game plan. It’s great to have wishes and wants and desires, but without an actual plan or strategy we will surely sink. And the strategy must be tactical at that.

We must get totally clear on the end goal. What is the result or outcome we are hoping for?

What is it that we desire in the end? Where do we hope to be or get to at the end of this new decade?

And while being super ambitious is awesome – the strategy must be realistic.

So for a greater sense of clarity what I mean is this – it’s awesome to want the whole enchilada, but being over ambitious can work against us because we could be being unrealistic. So let’s push that ambition out and break it down into bite size pieces.

So perhaps the end goal comes in 2021 or 2023 or 2025? This is what I mean by being realistic. Meaning if we want a lot and are very ambitious hoping it will all materialize in a year may not be realistic so we may have to have a 5 year goal for the ultimate end result we hope to get to. But it must be broken down year by year and piece by piece. So tactically what that means is laying out a breakdown of our 2020 into a series of steps.

We have to be honest with ourselves, stay ambitious yes, but realistic in order to truly manifest and make it possible and doable.

If we over extend ourselves the likelihood of giving up is exponential because we come to the realization we are in over our heads and it just is not truly doable.

So here’s what this looks like –


  1. Lay it out – month by month.

  2. What is it you want to have accomplished that is realistic by the end of January

  3. Do the layout for all months or only go 3-6 months out to fine tune it even more

  4. Come up with your step by step to do’s that need to get laid down in order to make it happen.

  5. Evaluate – at the end of week one, two, three and four and check your progress. See if your expectations of yourself are being met and how good you feel about. Having a checklist of things and going back over and checking things off is a proven method of some of the most successful people in the world. Not only does it give you a sense of satisfaction, job well done and completion. It gives you moment for pushing forward.

  6. Refine, retune, evaluate – to see if perhaps you need to take a task or two off or if you can plug one or two more things in there.

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