How Do I Get In Touch With My Spirit Guides?

So I’m on a mission to share all I’ve been through, the lessons, the teachings, the wisdom, the inspiration.

I’ve been sharing in ways that give you some insights, but not the whole picture.

The whole picture is that I’ve been touched by angels since I was a child, as have you.

Angels are everywhere. And what happens in life is we are not taught to tap into that frequency. We are not guided to go there and step into a world of infinite possibilities. A plane and realms far beyond the earth plane.

There is magic and mysticism so profound and so powerful. It is so far beyond our scope of reality that it truly is mind blowing.

I live in an ethereal world. I’m not and never have been drawn to cars or money or material things. I’ve been around it and known this world inside out, but it is a hollow world.

And sure I like nice things. And yes you do get what you pay for in many cases. However these things give us no deeper fulfillment. They are just things. They will not nurture us and feed our souls.

What pulls me in are things that are beyond us, are bigger than us.

I’m drawn to the sages, the gurus and guides. This is what pulls me. Lures me. I’m impressed by the miracles my gurus performed.

I’m captivated by their stories of wisdom and power passed on down the lineage. Each sage passing down the blessing and gift of healing and miracles to the sages after him or her.

And I know you are too. It’s all energy. We are meant to connect and attract what it is we are drawn to. That is the ideal way to live.

And connecting with your gurus, angels or guides is the most powerful thing we can do. You may have a different name for it.

So I spent a long time in search of this although I had always felt some sort of presence near me or I would always get signs from the universe, messages, a little nudge on the shoulder, some sort of sign.

When I was young I didn’t realize those signs were

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.