Am I Just Dreaming?

Is it farfetched to think of a beautiful place with only loving people?  What would this look like?  Perhaps it is beyond my wildest dreams.  A place where there still might be pain and life’s struggles, but everyone there has learned to cope in a way that does not leave them angry or bitter taking out their frustrations on random strangers, but evolved and heightened.  A whole separate world where people all operate from a place of compassion and act in accordance with their highest virtues.  How grand?  A place where people are not scheming or trying to pull a fast one on you or me.  A place where young people help the elderly.  A place where women, stranger women look out for one another because it’s safe to do so and not a competition, but an act of sisterhood.  A place where women smile back at women.  A place where men smile at one another and not just women.  A happy place that feels warm and fuzzy.  It doesn’t have to be always, but much more so than it is here, now.  Imagine a beautiful place where strangers you catch looking at you smile back when you offer a warm smile.  Imagine an incredible place where people care for one another and are not caught up in a rat race or some race to the finish.  A tranquil and loving place where people are not cutting you off in line and pretending like they didn’t see you, but instead asking if you’d like to go ahead of them because you only have one item.  Is this place beyond my wildest dreams?  Am I just dreaming?I know there is no perfect place other than heaven, or escaping the wheel or nirvana, or salvation, whatever “that place” is in your mind, but here on earth in this physical plane, is there such a reality?  I’m not asking for heaven on earth or the end to all of man’s suffering or not learning the art or fine lesson of detachment, but just a little piece of heaven, a little small slither where I encounter two nice people back to back.  Is it me or does is sometimes seem like we live in a really mean and self absorbed world?  As much as I tune mean people out sometimes it does just get to me how mean and unhappy people are day to day.  It’s sad really.  I’m just too much of a people person to tune them all out completely.  I can’t do the grim face thing with my head up high like I’m bigger or better.  It’s not my forte and my many teachers suggest alternative methods of behavior, such as humility, kindness and connectivity just to name a few.  While I’ve had amazing encounters and awesome interactions with incredible like minded folk, these awesome encounters are one-offs.  Just not enough awesomeness on a regular basis, that’s all.  Ok a little random rant there.  Now back to reality, in this life, this body and on this physical plane.  This imaginable oh so awesome most of the time place just might be……only in my dreams.  🙁

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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