It’s More Than You – The Connection To The Divine

It’s more than you.  There is a greater meaning to you and I.  We have a connection to the divine we cannot deny.  It is in this knowing and understanding of a profound and grand universe that has been magically orchestrated with codes, numerology, synchronicity, philosophies and galaxies far and wide.  How could such a reality be manifested by a mere mortal such as you and I?  How are miracles abundant and alive?  How is it that we’ve come here in such orderly fashion? When we ponder life’s big questions even the most rigid of scientists might be beset by a soft acknowledgement of some sense of divine order.  I’m not impressed by the tangible.  It is not the titles and name brands and physical tangible things that hold the key.  It is in the intangible.  It is in the miracles.  The dimensions we cannot touch and see, but perhaps feel and sense through an omni-presence if you will.  There are realities that cannot be seen and are not on display to the naked eye.  There are millions of people who have been witness to the near death experience, or who speak of other realms where bliss permeates every corridor of their being.  There are those who touch death with such fervor they’ve brushed along wings of Arch Angels and seen the bright light of a grand manifestation.  There are those strangers from opposites ends of the world who share similar stories of transcendence into heavenly pathways where colors and sounds abound beyond any imaginable orchestra and all of the crayola crayons combined.  I have seen the other side in my own dreams.  I have touched the heavenly skies in my own eye’s imagination.  I know there is a reality so beautiful eluding all physical form.  It is once my evolution is done and finished, perhaps many lifetimes from now, I too will elude captivity in this physical form.  I will get to float free in a heavenly sky full of butterflies, songbirds and dance with the angels of God’s creation.  I know there will be a day I will be set fully free.  Free of the burdens of a physical body.  Free of the burdens of a never settling mind.  I will be free of pain and the chaos on earth.  I will be free of the cognizance of so much suffering. For now I do my part.  I continue my soul’s work.  I meet my challenges with as much grace as I can muster.  I welcome my soul’s transcendence to a higher place.  For now I continue being enchanted with the mystical from this earthly plain.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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