Oh To Bloom

We are like the fruit on the apple tree. We are longing to bloom, but where have we been planted? Who is our caretaker? How much love and nurturing are we given? Are we fed on a regular basis? Does the sun hit us in just the right places? Or is the sun burning our leaves and baking our roots to leave us out here to make our own way. Or to leave us out here to not blossom and bloom at all. Are we a victim of displacement much like the apple tree placed in the wrong place or wrong soil. Are we thirsty and yearning for water and love. Are we cared for in the delicate manner that our roots require? How far do our apples fall from the tree?We humans are very much like the fruit tree or the rose bush. We need to be cared for and loved and nurtured in order to bloom. When the rose bush is neglected it does not bloom, but withers away.We are exactly the same as a the fruit tree or the rose bush. Our minds are exactly this way. We can feed them with great nutrients and positive thoughts or we can poison our minds with negativity and bad thoughts. The outcome is inevitable much like the rose bush, with love we blossom and bloom and with neglect and poison we decay and die.With all of the negativity around these days it is so essential to continue nourishing our souls with positivity and messages of love and unity. It is the only way to bloom.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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